Yay! BTS member Jin officially named as the best looking man in the world – here’s why


BTS member Jin is known for his dashing and smart looks. His personality and the way he carries himself is just so perfect. He has been given the title of the best looking man by his fans and now it seems there is more proof to show that the title is just perfect for Jin. Yes, on June 29 a beauty website called Andrey Beauty Studio released an article titled, “Kim Seokjin is the best looking man in the world.” At the studio, the makeup and beauty experts conducted a study on 4941 male celebrities and they used a computer face contouring technique to select the most handsome faces from the cosmetologists’ point of view.
And guess what! Jin got the first place. According to the article on the website, the findings revealed that not only does Jin have the ideal oval shape face, but it is the shape that is seen as the most ideal for beauty experts. It was also shown that by looking at the contouring of Jin’s face through the computer program, it was found that Jin’s face had a perfect shape, and there was no change in the features of his face with contouring technique. Jin grabbed the first place by beating actors like Ian Somerhalder and Giulio Berruti. Well, this is not the first time, Jin has been praised for his beauty. Talking about the Korean pop band, BTS have had an amazing year so far. They have given two mega-hits this year Butter and Permission To Dance. Both these songs have become the audience’ favourite and have even broken many records.
Talking about their latest song, Permission To Dance, has topped Billboard Hot 100 chart. BTS’ Permission To Dance have topped, not just the Hot 100 chart, but also the Global 200 and Global (excluding the United States) charts. Permission To Dance was written by Ed Sheeran, Steve Mac, Johnny McDaid, and Jenna Andrews.