Would you spend 28$ to add 4 physical buttons to your Android phone by buying this NFC sticker?

If you feel that you want more control over your Android device with some extra physical buttons, then you need Dimple; provided you have NFC in your phone.
Dimple will let you add 4 physical buttons to your Android device

Customization in Android is about to reach a new level as more ideas of additional (optional) physical buttons are coming into the scene. Last year, a Kickstarter project called Pressy was introduced which claimed to give Android users an additional thin physical button that can be inserted into your headphone jack. It can be programmed to do just about anything such as starting your camera or any specific app. Now, guys at Dimple.IO have taken it to a whole new level by introducing a little sticker that uses NFC technology and features, not just one, but four physical buttons.

The buttons are featured on a sticker that attaches anywhere on the back of your Android phone. You can customize the input for each button by setting it up when you use it for the first time. You need to press the buttons which issues NFC commands to the phone. Each command is received by the Dimple.IO app after which, you can instruct the app to execute any functions that you just saved for each of the buttons. You could make it an additional home button, launch your favourite apps, camera, launch a popup drawer, control your music, make calls, change settings and have a torch light button.

The app promises even more ‘crazier’ customization options with Tasker integration for users who like playing around with the settings of their phones. Dimple.IO is also launching an open plugin SDK for developers so that they can add support for their apps. It would be fair to say that this product will actually put NFC to a good use as the technology is rarely used otherwise, especially in India.