When Samantha Ruth Prabhu OPENED UP about Naga Chaitanya’s first wife who always comes between them


Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Naga Chaitanya have been giving major relationship goals with their loving chemistry for the past few years. The two were always very fond of each other and never shied away from talking about equation and spilling some of their secrets. And it was once when Samantha had opened up about Naga’s first wife who always comes between them.
When Samantha sat down for a candid chat with Lakshmi Manchu on her show Feet Up with The Stars, the host had made The Family Man 2 actress reveal some of their bedroom secrets. On the show, Lakshmi went on to reveal that Samantha and Naga were in a live-relationship before they were married. ChaySam tied the knot in 2017 after dating for 8 years.
“You are making me say everything now, I know you were in a live-in relationship before marriage, now let me put it this way, what are the 3 things different in your bedroom from when you were single to being with a man,” Lakshmi had asked. To which Samantha replied saying that Naga has the first wife.
Talking about it, Samantha had said, “Pillow is the first wife to Chaitanya, Even if I have to kiss, the pillow is always between us. And now it’s enough, I guess I have said a lot of things.”
Meanwhile, Samantha and Naga have been in the news of late, thanks to the rumours of their divorce. However, the couple are in no mood to clarify their stance over their divorce rumours that have been created havoc in the virtual world. Both Samantha and Naga have chosen to stay mum over the matter even though they are pretty active on social media.
If an earlier report in Great Andhra is to be believed, Samantha and Naga have been living separately for a while now and already began the divorce proceedings in the court. Since the process for mutual divorce takes some specific period of time before the court grants it, the couple are remaining tight-lipped about the ongoing rumours.
The report also quoted a source saying that Samantha and Naga might soon make an announcement for their divorce once the court officially admits their divorce plea and give them permission to do so.