WATCH: Bill Gates Watches Himself Get Roasted by Comedian Chris


    It is not often that you probably see the world’s richest person watching videos where he is being roasted by popular comedians but that is exactly what a viral TikTok video has been showing. Doing the rounds on the Internet, a recent TikTok video shared by user @zionscott01 shows Microsoft founder Bill Gates sitting on a chair as he is watching comedian Chris Rock roasting him in his Netflix special series.

    Gates is seen watching a clip from Rock’s 2017 Netflix stand-up special Tamborine where the comedian talks about whether the Microsoft founder was bullied in school. Rock could be heard saying, “Do you think kids were nice to Bill Gates in high school?”

    As Rock delivers his performance, the camera moves to Gates and the 65-year-old is seen smiling at the television. The businessman and philanthropist seems to be taking the humour in his stride and going along with the performance. According to a report by Complex, the TikTok post has been viewed over 1.7 million times and has received over 381,000 likes on the social media platform.

    The video has attracted millions of views on TikTok as reported by Coed. The report also mentioned that some users wondered if the video was real. To clarify the doubt, Zion Scott created another video where he explained that he is from Seattle and is good friends with Gates’ daughter, Phoebe Adele Gates and they were all watching the stand-up special together at their cabin when the hilarious part came on.

    Coed reported that Scott said, in his TikTok post, that he is really good friends with Phoebe, “So me, Phoebe, two other friends and Bill were just watching that comedy special at their cabin and that part came on and we were all laughing super hard so we rewinded it and I started filming it, that’s what happened, not that confusing,” the report added.

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