slack Howdy, I’m @CircusDad.  Getting my setup running has been a fun journey with many a late night.  I have made several new online friends and have leveraged the experiences of those that have gone before.  It’s been a fun ride.  This guide will not re-create the ride.

    This guide summarizes what I found that works and consolidates, step by step, the details you need to get there too.  In many cases this info does not originate with me.  However, I found no one reference available with all the links that worked for me.  Here are all the details in one place.  Enjoy.  Good Luck!  Remember, YMMV.

    slackI had been getting a lot of help related questions (which is OK) but I thought a chat forum might help me keep things sorted as I balance mining with the “Dad” part of CircusDad.  It has done far better by providing a great way for us Vega miners to connect.  You should join!

    If your looking for troubleshooting assistance, make sure you checked the FAQ first (It typically has what you need :-).  The #general channel is a great place to ask questions.   If you do need to reach me directly, you can shoot me a direct message in the Slack.  I go by, @CircusDad.

    Have a headless computer with scripts that will reliably start a robust Vega miner.  No Wattman.  No flaky HBCC.  Once up and running the system is hashing with CPU, Nvidia GPU and AMD (Vega) GPU’s.  The setup self monitors and resolves any Vega “hash drop” problems so you can focus on other things.  The rig offers the ability to check the status via a web interface from any computer or phone.  Note: This is primarily a Vega miner so of course the focus is Cryptonight currency (i.e. Monero, ETN, ITNS, SUMO, KRB, XLC, Nicehash Cryptonight…).

    2000h s%2Bfor%2BVega%2B64%2B %2B1945h s%2Bfor%2BVega%2B56 Note: The graphic above is from my original post but it no longer fully defines my mining rig.  I now have two rigs.  One is a 5 Vega miner (2×64’s and 3×56’s).  The second has two Vega’s (both 64’s), 1 old GTX-750, and 3x Rx 550’s.  The graphic above is also from an earlier version of XMR-Stak miner.  The new version of XMR-Stak (2.2) gives me a better hash rate on the 64 (2040h/s) as can be seen here.
    The Equipment used in my rig is listed below.  You do not need to use the same equipment in order to use this guide.  The listing below includes details to help you find what you do need.

    • Corsair RM1000i Power Supply with software monitoring of power used  
    • Note: Each Vega’s take TWO, 8pin PCIe connections.  The Amazon pic didn’t show it but I was pleasantly surprised it came with breakouts for 4x Vega’s (photo of cable). 
    • 1000w EVGA Gold is highly rated and often has a better price.  
    • Note the EVGA does not offer software monitoring if that matters to you
  • Update: I later added in a 450w PSU I already owned via this cable in order to offload the power drawn by the Motherboard and Nvidia and bring utilization below 80% (see FAQ for more details)
  • Some people recommend 2x 750W PSU’s.  If you go this route you will need to plan ahead with some 6 pin to 8 pin adapters.  Here is a more aggressive version.
  • I used a 2x-Molex to 6 pin PCIe Power cable to power my old GTX-750
  • Motherboard/CPU: Gigabyte ATX GA-970A-D3P with FX-6300 – I already had it… 
    • There are better ones 
    • *If you are shopping for a MB, understand that the AMD driver will not support more than 8 Vega’s in one rig.  Any motherboard PCIe slots beyond 8 will need to be used for Nvidia cards. 
    • While not required, some have reported that having a motherboard that supports iGPU as your main monitor will aid in stability (similar to how you will see I use my Nvidia) 
  • 4 GB of ram (I used 16 GB only because I already had it)
  • Hard drive (I recommend a cheap 120GB SSD but “old” disk style drives will work too).
  • PCIe risers  (I got a 3 pack and had to go back for another.. get a 6 pack )
  • Monitor Emulator (so you can disconnect your monitor without confusing the Vega)
  • Power Button – You need a button to tell your computer to turn on.
  • Mining Frame: I built mine out of wood but some find it less hassle to purchase it
  • 2x Vega 64
    • I have one Sapphire and one XFX.  All Vegas AMD reference cards are the same so brand does not affect performance.  There are now after market Vegas making it to market and I can not yet speak for all of those.  
    • I do have confirmation that the after market ASUS AMD Radeon RX VEGA 64 ROG Strix OC works with this guide.
  • 2x Vega 56
    • Mine are Gigabyte but again, brand doesn’t matter for reference cards
    • The Vega 56 provides a ~3% lower hash rate but if you can get one at a cheaper price the 60 h/s lost may be justified by cost and power savings, though it has not been much cheaper lately and availability is a key factor.
  • 0x Vega Frontier 
    • (Note: I have not personally used an Frontier Edition but they are an option.  They have been proven to hash over 2100h/s on the ‘cryptonight Heavy’ algorithm used in the profitable Sumokoin and Haven protocol…  for standard cryptonightV7 they hash like a Vega 64 and can be a bit finicky.  Join the Slack Channel if…