Turn Up The Volume In The Hamptons


For over two decades, Acoustic Visions has been the Hamptons’ leading provider of smart home integration and innovation. “With the constantly changing nature of technology, selecting the right products to put in your home can often be intimidating or overwhelming,” says the brand’s owner Dan Schebler. “Guessing what products are compatible and what companies will be around in the future make the decision process even more challenging. We are focused on providing solutions for our clients that are reliable, ready to expand in the future, and also provide a solid record of support.”

An outdoor home theater setup

From installing home theaters and media rooms to multi-room speaker systems, outdoor music, lighting and screening rooms, Schebler is the man to do it. Whether you want to enjoy a sports game outside on the patio or bring the movie night with friends or family outside, the entrepreneur can design the right space for you.

Dan Schebler

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