Trending Hollywood News Today: Amber Heard makes bizarre revelation about Johnny Depp’s drug abuse, Hawkeye aka Jeremy Renner spotted playing cricket in Rajasthan and more


Johnny Depp-Amber Heard case, Harry Styles, Kourtney Kardashian-Travis Barker, Hawkeye aka Jeremy Renner in India, Miley Cyrus shares horror of travelling, BTS members Taehyung and Jungkook’s name in a K-Drama creates a controversy, Sam Asghari opens up on his and Britney Spears’ state after miscarriage and more. Let’s check out the Hollywood Newsmakers of the day here:
Amber Heard Johnny Depp Case

Amber Heard is testifying in court over her much controversial defamation case against Johnny Depp. The actress made some shocking claims while being cross questioned. The actress revealed that she feared for her life and knew that things would end badly for her if she continued with her relationship with the Pirates of the Caribbean actor. Amber Heard alleged that her sister taught Johnny how to snort drugs using a tampon applicator. “the tampon applicator next to the driver’s license that you see is a device that I believe my sister had taught him to use in order to put the cocaine in.” Amber Heard admitted to not donating her divorce settlement sum to charity as she had announced. Heard said, “I still fully intend on honoring all of my pledges. I would love him to stop suing me so I can.” she said in court. Meanwhile, Johnny has been keeping his promise of not making eye contact with Heard. The Aquaman 2 actress’s spokesperson had alleged that Depp would not even look Heard in the eye during the trial and would be busy doodling.
Miley Cyrus recounts a scary moment

Back in March, Miley Cyrus’ plane was struck by a lightning. The songstress was en route from Columbia to Paraguay for the 2022 Asuncionion music festival when a storm occurred. She shared, “It was really scary,” Cyrus said. “I was in my mom’s lap because I was pretty sure it didn’t matter about the seatbelts at this point.” Further elaborating on the situation, she said, “It was really very strange because it was unexpected weather, and a few things that day when I woke up that morning I said, ‘Something just kind of felt off and not quite right.” Miley and her team had Tom make an emergency landing for their safety.
Hawkeye aka Jeremy Renner is in India

Hawkeye aka Jeremy Renner is in India, all you Marvel fans, in case you missed it. The actor recently shared a picture of playing cricket in Alwar City, Rajasthan. The actor also shared an IG story of the scrumptious meal he’s enjoying in India. For his post, he wrote, “What a blessing of life to discover, learn and be inspired by people and places across this planet !” Sharing a picture of various dishes, Jeremy said “Food is so good in India. Different dishes different regions.”

Harry Styles opens up on his bond with One Direction band members

Harry Styles was one of the bandmates of One Direction. He recently opened up on his bond with fellow band members – Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik. While talking to Zane Lowe, Harry said, “I feel really lucky that we always had each other to be this unit that felt like you could keep each other in check and you could just have someone else who gets it. There is very much a respect between all of us, if we did something together. And that is something that you can’t really undo. And you know, it’s like a very deep love for each other, I think.” Directioners would be so emotional right now.
Kourtney Kardashian CONFIRMS marrying Travis Barker

Kourtney has been dating Travis for a while now. They had been grabbing headlines for their public appearances and PDAs. Recently pictures surfaced wherein it seems Kourtney tied the knot with Travis. And now the socialite herself has shared the pictures. She wrote, “Till death do us part.”

Sam Asghari thanks fans for support after Britney’s miscarriage

In an unfortunate circumstance, Britney Spears suffered a miscarriage. It was just a couple of weeks ago that Britney and her beau Sam Asghari had announced their pregnancy. The songstress revealed her miscarriage on a heart-breaking note. And now, Sam has thanked everyone for their support in their tough times. “We have felt your support. We are taking things positively and moving forward with our future. It’s hard but we are not alone. Thank you for respecting our privacy. We will be expanding our family soon.

Megan celebrates her birthday with Machine Gun Kelly

Megan Fox turned 36 on 16 May. The actress partied with Machine Gun Kelly and others. Megan wore a glittery gold strapless dress which she teamed with a silver tiara. Check out the videos here:
BTS ARMY is furious

BTS members Jungkook and Taehyung’s names had been mentioned in a K-drama Tomorrow. The K-drama deals with Grim Reapers and deaths. In a scene which featured a death list, there happened to be the names and birth years of the two members of BTS. ARMY was naturally furious.