Train to Busan, #Alive, Ravenous, Go Goa Gone, 28 Days Later – the best non-Hollywood zombie movies to watch right now on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Jio Cinema


Zombie movies have picked up big time in the past twenty years or so across the globe, but truth be told, they’ve been regularly churned out since the 1960s in Hollywood, ever since zombie master George A. Romero made Night of the Living Dead back in 1968, and in fact, the very first zombie movie dates back to 1932, when White Zombie had released. But, while Hollywood justifiably holds the trademark on zombies, other film industries across the globe have also surely but surely dipped their hands into the grisly jar and have emerged from it with some gens from time to time. So, without further ado, here are the five best non-Hollywood zombie films you can watch right now on OTT platforms…
Train to Busan

Quite simply put: The best zombie movie ever made after 2004’s Dawn of the Dead remake.
Where to watch: Amazon Prime and Google Play

Not as amazing as its Korean counterpart above, but a very tense, gripping, gnarly zombie movie in its own right.
Where to watch: Netflix

This French / English hybrid is the kind of indie gem that you yearn for, but only get once in a while, fully aware of how to overcome its budget constraints with unique ideas and simmering tension.
Where to watch: Netflix
Go Goa Gone

Bollywood’s only zombie film till date perfectly amalgamates undead thrills with dark humour. Frankly speaking, it’ll be hard for any Bollywood Director to ever top this down the line.
Where to watch: Amazon Prime, Jio Cinema and Google Play
28 Days Later

This British gem from Slumdog Millionaire Director Danny Boyle is a paradigm in getting the bleak tone and desolate milieu of a film just right.
Where to watch: Google Play