These Clean Wellness Products Are Giving Us Life


Miami-based CBD-focused lifestyle brand Botanika Life strives to redefine the standard for luxury products by supporting sustainability, reducing environmental impact and excluding any ingredients that use animal testing. Its expertly curated selection of high-end, clean CBD wellness and beauty products include topicals for pain relief, a sleep and immune boost spray duo, bath soaks and skin elixirs. Husband-and-wife founders Benny and Stacey Shabtai were inspired to create an eco-friendly, all-natural brand after Stacey, a model and nutritionist, turned Benny on to CBD.

Botanika Life

“I’ve used products in the past that have worked but come to find out they included harsh chemicals, metals and preservatives,” says Stacey Shabtai. “I think it’s absolutely imperative to pay attention to what you put on your body, not just what you ingest.” Botanika Life is dedicated to creating results-driven products across beauty, relief, wellness and hair categories with its ever-expanding roster of functional products, which are supported with third-party lab testing and backed by accredited clinical trials.

Botanika Life

“Transparency is key for us,” says Shabtai. “The whole concept of the Botanika lifestyle is that our line helps you elevate from wherever you are.” So, where is the jet-setting wellness entrepreneur headed next? “This spring, we’re staying in the United States and spending time in Aspen and Vail.” Here’s a look at Shabtai’s travel must-haves.

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