SpaceX Interview Questions


    About the Company: SpaceX

    SpaceX is a private American company also known as Space Exploration Technologies Corp. It is headquartered in Hawthorne, California. It is founded in 2002 by Entrepreneur and CEO of the company, Elon Musk and currently has more than 6000 employees. SpaceX is famous for designing, manufacturing, and launching of advanced rockets and spacecraft. The main goal of the foundation of SpaceX was to reduce the cost of space transportation and enable people to live on other planets. SpaceX has successfully developed the Falcon launch family and dragon spacecraft family, and at present, both are working to deliver payloads into Earth Orbit.

    Achievements of SpaceX

    • SpaceX manufactured the first liquid-fueled rocket to reach orbit which was privately funded.
    • SpaceX manufactured the first privately developed liquid-fueled rocket to put a commercial satellite in orbit.
    • SpaceX is the first private company which has successfully launched orbit and also recovered a spacecraft.
    • SpaceX is the first company, which has sent a spacecraft to the International Space station.
    • SpaceX is the first company, which has sent a satellite into geosynchronous orbit.
    • SpaceX was the first private company, which has successfully occurred the landing of an orbital rocket’s first stage on land.
    • SpaceX has launched world’s most powerful operational rocket named as Falcon heavy in 2018.

    Key people:

    • Founder and CEO: Elon Musk
    • President: Gwynne Shotwell
    • CTO(Chief Technology Officer): Tom Mueller

    Key Products:

    • Falcon Launch Vehicles
    • Dragon Capsules
    • Merlin
    • Raptor and Kestrel
    • Rocket engines
    • ASDS landing platform

    Working Environment of the SpaceX:

    SpaceX is one of the great company to work. It has a unique mission where people work to become part of the great history. SpaceX provides a smooth environment to their employees. If anyone joins the SpaceX, then he/she got an opportunity to work with the best engineers in the US. SpaceX provides great facilities for their employees. The communication hierarchy is very simple. Any employee can communicate with other employees as well as managers or CEO for a valid purpose.

    How to apply and who can apply for SpaceX?

    SpaceX provides two ways to work with their company, and there are several positions for which one can apply according to their skill-sets.

    The two ways to get job in SpaceX:

    For both job types candidate can apply online through the link By this link, one can check and apply for the current opening and opportunities in SpaceX. Once you apply for SpaceX and if your resume got selected, they will start your recruitment process.

    Once you applied for SpaceX, you might have to wait for the long time of 2-5 months approx. Sometimes, you also get a chance after 2-3 weeks, but the candidate has to be patient.

    SpaceX Recruitment Process

    The recruitment process of SpaceX is very much different and it is one of the difficult recruitment processes. SpaceX has a very typical hiring strategy as they wanted one of the top talents across the world to work with them. The Whole process consists of several rounds and candidate has to give his best for every round. So, the candidate needs to prepare himself very well for the selection in SpaceX.

    Following are the rounds which candidate need to go through for final selection.

    1. First screening round starts where HR team select a much suitable resume out of the piles of applied resumes.
    2. If Resume gets chosen, then applicants have to give second screening round which includes two to four telephonic interviews including with Coding MCQ.
    3. If candidate clears the second screening round, then he got invited for the interview in SpaceX campus.
    4. The Candidate now goes through the 7-8 face to face interview sessions.
    5. After face-to-face interviews, there is one presentation round, in which candidate need to give a presentation on their projects.
    6. After the presentation, there will be an engineering test, based on the fundamental questions.
    7. In the whole process, if a single person has any doubt for selecting that candidate, then the process stops at that point and candidate sent back.

    Sample C/C++ MCQ

    1) Find the output for the following code:


    int main()
           int x = 67,*m = &x;
           int *n=m;
           char *t=n;
           printf(“%c %d”,*t, *n);


    1. C 67
    2. Compile time error
    3. C C
    4. No output

    2) Find the output for following code:

    int main() {
    int b=5;
    b = printf(“Quiz On”);
    printf(” “);
    printf(“%d”, b);
    return 0;

    1. Compile time error
    2. 5
    3. Quiz On 5
    4. Quiz On 7

    3) Find the output for the following code:

    using namespace std;
    int main()
           char arr[11] = “Hello world”;
           cout << arr;
           return 0;

    1. Hello world
    2. Hello worl
    3. Compile time error
    4. No output

    4) Find the output for the following code:

    void main()
           static int x;
           if (x++ < 2)
                printf(” Hey “);


    1. Infinite times main call
    2. Hey Hey Hey Hey
    3. Compile time error
    4. Hey Hey.

    5) Find the output for the following code:

    int main()
           int* p;
           *p = 20;
           printf(“The value is = %d”, *p);
         return 0;

    1. Run time error
    2. Compile time error
    3. The value is 20
    4. Garbage value

    6) Find the output for the following code:


      int main()
          int *ptr;
           ptr = (int *)malloc(sizeof(int)*5);
           if (ptr == NULL)
              printf(“This is Nulln”);
       printf(“This is Not Null”);

    1. This is Null
    2. This is not…