Silicon Valley tech school enters India


Silicon Valley, California-based Holberton is entering India. It creates and provides programmes to universities, companies and governments to train software engineers. “We fill the gap of talent in software engineering jobs and IT jobs and increase competitiveness of companies via talent training,” Julien Barbier, co-Founder & CEO, Holberton, told FE.

He added that India is a win-win opportunity for Holberton. “Passout rates have remained stagnant despite 5% increase in enrolment between 2011 and 2017. Also, 48% of Indian tech employers face difficulty in finding the right talent. On the other hand, there was a 132 million expected shortfall in skilled employees in 2022 across all industries in India,” he said. “A lot of talented people are left behind because they cannot access good universities in the country. The demand for trained software engineers is through the roof. Thanks to our solutions, our partners can help address these issues, and scale massively at the country-level right away, by providing both online and offline programmes and training Silicon Valley-calibre software engineers, at scale.”

In India, Holberton will partner with local players. “Right now, we are at the first stage, working with companies to enter the market as they are the fastest to make decisions and more flexible to try our products. We want to open tech schools providing education in future technologies that can even be combined with business education,” Barbier said.

Holberton has partnered with Jigsaw and GoGeeko, and Barbier added the school plan to help its partners train more than 50,000 students this year in India. “We are open to institutions interested in including tech education as part of their curriculum where they can use Holberton platform.”