SAY WHAT! Krishna Shroff reveals she’s received ‘A LOT’ of movie offers and has rejected them all for THIS reason [EXCLUSIVE]


Given that the most in-demand Gen-Z Bollywood star, Tiger Shroff, is her brother and one of the most iconic actors of the 80s and 90s, Jackie Shroff, is her father, it’s hard to imagine that Krishna Shroff has never been offered movies, considering the acting pedigree she hails from. Add to that the fact that she looks drop-dead sexy, easily rivalling most current and past Bollywood actresses on the hotness metre, it becomes impossible to think that producers have never approached her to star in their films. So, BollywoodLife finally decided to straight up ask Krishna Shroff in an exclusive interview not only if she’s been offered roles in Bollywood, which is pretty obvious, but also how many such offers have come her way and how many of them she’s rejected.
Opening up about all the film offers she’s so far received and how many of them she’s rejected, Krishna Shroff flat out said, “A lot and a lot.” Elaborating on why she rejected them all, she added, “I’ve of course said, ‘No,’ to everyone of them because I’ve been pretty solid and clear in my head from the beginning it’s not something that I wanted to delve into, it’s just doesn’t ignite that spark within me like, you know, fitness for example, like this does (gesturing to her MMA and bodybuilding gym where we were seated for the interview). This gives me that adrenaline rush that I want and crave for and that (movies) just has never really been something that I felt like I wanted to do.”
Prod her further over whether she had any second thoughts after watching a film she had rejected and pat comes her reply, “Never!” Why so? “Honestly, never. You know, once my mind’s made up, I’m a very, very stubborn person. So, yeah…never.”
So, there you go if you were ever curious as to whether Krishna Shroff has ever been offered films and why she’s never followed Tiger Shroff and Jackie Shroff’s footsteps into Bollywood, you’ve got the answer straight from the horse’s mouth.