Samantha Ruth Prahu, who has 3 tattoos having a special Naga Chaitanya connection, advises fan ‘never ever get a tattoo’


There’s no prize for guessing that Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Naga Chaitanya’s separation has indeed been very painful both for the Tollywood couple, their respective families and their loved ones. It took nearly 8 years for Samantha and Naga to make their relationship official and culminate their long courtship into marriage only to get separated nearly 4 years after being husband and wife. In fact, Samantha was so madly in love with Naga that she made 3 tattoos on her body, all having a special Naga Chaitanya connect. It seems like Samantha regrets her decision to get inked and has now advised her fan to never ever get a tattoo on their bodies.
During her AMA session on Instagram, when a fan asked Samantha to suggest some ideas for a tattoo that she would love to have one day, the Oo Antava star replied, “You know the one thing I’d tell my younger self is never ever get a tattoo. Never. Never ever. Ever, get a tattoo” while holding a smile throughout the video.

Samantha has dedicated a tattoo to her debut film Ye Maaya Chesave wherein she was seen romancing Naga Chaitanya on screen. It was the beginning of their relationship. She has inked the initials of the film’s name YMC on the back of her neck. Samantha has Chay tattooed for Naga Chaitanya on the right side of her rib. She fondly calls Chaitanya as Chay. After their marriage, Samantha and Chaitanya got matching tattoos on their forearm that represent two arrows. You can find the tattoo on Sam’s right forearm. “My tattoo means create your own reality. Chay and I got it together. It’s really special for us,” Samantha had written on Instagram.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Naga Chaitanya’s dreamy love story came to an end a few days short of their fourth wedding anniversary. Theirs was a fairy-tale wedding in Goa, preceded by quite a long courtship kept under wraps while they serenaded each other in a couple of Telugu movies. It was a match made in tinseltown heaven, it seemed at the time.