Raj Kundra REVEALS his mother had caught his ex-wife and his sister’s husband red handed in compromising situations many times


Raj Kundra is currently angry and upset over a throwback video of his ex-wife Kavita accusing Shilpa Shetty of breaking their marriage. The video had resurfaced on the internet just a few days after his wife Shilpa celebrated her birthday. Raj had maintained his silence about his divorce for over 12 years now. But the resurfacing of 11-year-old news broke his threshold. Raj has now opened up about his divorce and revealed some shocking details about his ex-wife who was apparently cheating on him with his sister’s husband.
Raj has claimed that his ex-wife Kavita got paid thousands of pounds by a newspaper to sell a so-called scandalous story. He said that she was herself responsible for their broken marriage and Kavita blaming Shilpa for it was unfair and uncalled for. He also dropped a bomb saying that his mother had caught his ex-wife and his sister’s husband red handed in compromising situations many times. He said that Kavita brought out the worst in him.
“We were living in one house with my mum, dad and my sister and her husband had moved over from India to try and settle in the UK. She grew very close to my ex brother in law spending more and more time with him especially when I was out on business trips. Many of my family and even my driver would say we sense something fishy between these two and I would never believe it. I gave my ex wife the benefit of doubt. I did everything I possibly could for both sides of the family because for me my side or her family is family, a principle I still follow today,” Raj told Pinkvilla in an interview.
Raj said that his ex-wife and ex brother-in-law Vansh were going out for work together, meeting and sitting in the same room. His sister and her husband had moved back to India since things were not comfortable living together in the same house. During this time his sister got pregnant.
“One fine day, I got a call from my sister in India crying that she found a second phone in her husband’s cupboard which had texts from a UK number that spoke about everything from lovey dovey messages to missing the time they spent and how he is heartbroken that he couldn’t be with her. This UK number replied saying you have moved and left me. I miss you, I want you to come back and many more graphic messages about their physical relationship which I don’t want to repeat,” Raj said.
When Raj tried to trace the phone number, he was shocked to know that it was connected to a tower near my house. One day when Kavita had gone for shopping, Raj found the phone in the bathroom hidden in her panty liner box. He was heartbroken to find out that Kavita was speaking and texting his sister’s husband daily. The incident left his sister heartbroken as well.
Raj then decided to fly to India and bring back his sister and kids. Kavita was planning to go home for 30 days with their baby girl during this time. He dropped Kavita at home with the baby and acted normal in front of his sister’s in-laws and family as if nothing had happened. After they took off from India and landed in London, both Raj and his sister sent SMS to Vansh and Kavita saying it was over.
Raj then moved to court to fight for his daughter’s custody and after being separated for 9 months, he initiated the divorce proceedings. Later, when Raj met Shilpa through their mutual friends, Kavita heard about it and increased her divorce demands.
“She even sold a story for tens of thousands of pounds to a UK tabloid claiming Shilpa ruined her marriage to the press. As part of the divorce agreement that ran into crores, Kavita requested I stay away from our baby and that when needed my daughter would know where to find me. It was not fair on the child I agree but whenever we met we fought like cats and dogs she brought out the worst in me and we both agreed our daughter didn’t need to be exposed to this side of us both,” Raj said.
Raj further said that the incident was very hard on Shilpa but she supported him during his emotional time of his life brought out the best in him. Later, his sister Reena and her daughters moved back to UK after she realised that Vansh and Kavita continued to meet each other. “After my sister moved back, I was tempted to tell the world what had really happened but my wife said let it be you are in a happier space, move on and be the bigger man,” he said.
When Raj was asked about if he is now worried about Kavita retaliating after reading this interview, he told TOI, “You can’t retaliate against the truth especially when there are many families involved. I feel so much lighter to be able to speak the truth about what really happened after so many years! My mother caught my ex-wife and sister’s husband red handed, in compromising situations many times. Two families were spoiled here; they didn’t think twice!”