Oscars 2022: Don’t Look Up, CODA, Dune and other Best Picture nominees you can watch now on Netflix, Apple TV and other OTT platforms


The Oscars is just around the corners. For better or for worse, regardless of the ups and downs the Academy Awards have seen in recent years and the criticism it has faced, the fact of the matter is that it still remains the most prestigious event in all of cinema, and that’s unlikely to ever change. So, if like is, you, too, like brushing up on your Oscars watchlist prior to event, then you’ve come to the right place. Today we have listed out the Best Picture nominees for you which are currently available on OTT platforms, including Don’t Look Up, CODA, Dune, The Power of the Dog, and West Side Story, and on which streaming services you can watch them.
Don’t Look Up (Netflix)

Don’t Look Up ensures you “don’t look away” and not just because of its once-in-a-generation ensemble cast to die for. It’s funny as hell; topical as hell; takes all the right digs at Trump’s and other US administrations as also governmental bureaucracy the world over; makes all the right noises about societal shallowness and cultural degradation; and emerges as a disaster movie with a real difference, plus a brilliant piece of satire to boot. It could’ve been curtailed by 20 minutes or so, but that takes nothing away from it being hands down one of 2021’s best movies. Oh…and do stay back for the post-credits and mid-credits scenes, which are a total blast.
CODA (Apple TV)

One of the most heartfelt, touching movies I’ve seen, etched with beautiful moments that are sure to last you a lifetime CODA brilliantly juxtaposes the trials of both deaf people and those with perfectly fine hearing who live with them without being one bit preachy or sentimental. Easily one of the best movies and also best-acted films of last year. Deserves more than the three Oscar nominations it has garnered and hope it wins for Best Picture. Instant flawless masterpiece.
The Power of the Dog (Netflix)

It’s not that Netflix’s The Power of the Dog isn’t completely uninteresting as much as interest for it wavers at different junctions due to how much it drags the point it tries to make, worsened by an extremely abrupt, climax. Decent and dark, but from one of the year’s best like its twelve Oscar nominations make it out to be. Benedict Cumberbatch though rightfully merits a Best Actor nod and stands a great chance at winning.
Dune (Apple TV)

Let’s just say that this has been chosen as the best sci-fi movie of 2021 by many moviegoers and eminent critics for a reason.
West Side Story (Google Play)

It’s Hollywood royalty and Oscar veteran Steven Spielberg at the helm need we even say more?