Open Sesame in Miami


Born into a family of foodies, the kitchen was always the heartbeat of Sally Schimko’s home growing up in Israel. In turn, she developed a deep love and appreciation for playing in the kitchen. Now Miami-based, Schimko launched a tahini-based product line, The Tahini Goddess, after her tahini recipes took off on social media. “I was inspired and driven to make a business out of it,” she says. “I love to express myself through my food, and it’s how every flavor of my tahini and sugar-free halva was born. Cooking doesn’t need to be difficult and, as a busy working mom, I believe in simplicity.”
The Tahini Goddess embraces Schimko’s roots by using a traditional millstone grounding process with authentic Israeli stones to create its products in Israel. The sesame seeds used in her kosher, vegan and low-carb tahini are roasted at low temperatures to retain as many nutrients as possible. Schimko also prides herself on making creamy, delicious tahini with carefully sourced sesame seeds. “I have always believed that food should come from the source—the people who have made it since the day they were born. Similar to how pasta is best sourced from Italy, tahini is best from Israel,” she says.

The Tahini Goddess pesto tahini

Schimko admits that while she has been eating tahini since she was baby, she first truly fell in love with it in her 20s. “I started traveling on my own more and exploring different cuisines and flavors and truly appreciating Mediterranean cuisine.” More recently, Schimko’s young son and daughter helped inspire her to experiment more in the kitchen with tahini recipes and, ultimately, launch her business. “I wanted them to both experience the Mediterranean lifestyle I grew up on,” she says, adding that though her son was a picky eater, he loved her tahini. “Before I knew it, Ethan was eating more veggies, and I thought that if Ethan could eat healthier and enjoy doing so, everybody could!”

The Tahini Goddess cinnamon halva

Currently living in Miami with her husband and two children, Schimko feeds off the energy of the city and it is reflected in her growing brand. “We love the culture, the people, the lifestyle and the weather. The multicultural aspect and love for food and culture in Miami makes it a perfect home base.” From new flavorful tahinis to an upcoming collection of Mediterranean spices, Schimko’s menu doesn’t end there. “Having a boutique is definitely on my wish list, but who knows,” she says. “A girl can dream.”

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