OMG! Did you know Akshay Kumar delivered SEVEN HITS in 1994 alone? From Mohra to Yeh Dillagi; here are their box office collections and verdicts


Akshay Kumar has become a force to recon with at the box office, delivering multiple hits and superhits in a single calendar year over the past half a decade or so. However, that wasn’t always the case as the superstar hasn’t had an easy journey to the top, especially his pre-mid-2000s phase, when he used to go for a year or even two years at a time without a single commercial success, with the critical response, too, to his movies not being altogether flattering. However, there was one year in-between, the kind of which Akshay Kumar hasn’t witnessed since and probably never would. In fact, barring Dharmendra and maybe Mithun Chakraborty, if we really had to act lenient, no actor in the history of Bollywood has seen a year like that at the box office.
The year was 1994 and Akshay Kumar had delivered seven hits at the box office back then in a solitary year. In fact, the actor had as many as eleven releases that year, of which four failed to create a similar impact in theatres. But seven hits in one year out of eleven movies is no mean feat and to top it, one of those films was a blockbuster and the second highest grosser of the year.
Check out these Akshay Kumar movies along with their box office collections and verdicts below:

Mohra – Rs. 12.01 crore nett [Verdict: Blockbuster]
Main Khiladi Tu Anari – Rs. 7.89 crore nett [Verdict: Hit]
Suhaag – Rs. 7.09 crore nett [Verdict: Hit]
Yeh Dillagi – Rs. 5.72 crore nett [Verdict: Hit]
Elaan – Rs. 4.61 crore nett [Verdict: Hit]
Amaanat – Rs. 4.09 crore nett [Verdict: Semi-Hit]
Jai Kishen – Rs. 3.45 crore nett [Verdict: Semi-Hit]
Will Akshay Kumar or any other ever be able to replicate this sort of year in Bollywood or any film industry the world over? We think not given how the entire process and time frames of filmmaking have changed probably for good.