Nokia Just Launched Its Own Voice Assistant “MIKA” For engineers and telecom operators


MIKA that stands for ‘Multi-reason Intuitive Knowledge Assistant’ – is the primary advanced right hand prepared particularly for the telecom business, intended to give mechanized help that spares time and liberates exceedingly talented specialists to concentrate on basic assignments.

Nokia has a decent, delightful name selected for its new voice right hand. MIKA remains for “Multi-reason Intuitive Knowledge Assistant,” giving designers and telecom administrators a chance to get to data through voice charges.

The framework is fueled by the organization’s subjective administrations stage, utilizing “expanded insight with computerized figuring out how to give access to a broad scope of devices, reports and information sources.”

Basically MIKA is intended to offer brisk responses to designer questions, in view of experience drawn from different systems – along these lines, it’s not by any means not at all like Siri or Alexa, however it’ll give answers to building questions, rather than turning on a shrewd light or checking the neighborhood climate.

The declaration comes as the organization’s been building a considerable measure of warmth in the weeks paving the way to Mobile World Congress. The world’s greatest telephone show is set to see the once-dearest brand’s huge come back to the cell phone space it once so unceremoniously left behind.

Obviously, that is the HMD adaptation, the Nokia name being authorized out by a nearby organization shaped from ex-praises of the tech goliath. Those gadgets will probably get matched with Google Assistant than Nokia’s new advertising.


  1. In addition to launching MIKA, Nokia has also introduced “Predictive Repair” – a service that will enable operators to reduce costs and improve network quality by moving away from break-fix approaches to hardware maintenance.
    This care service has capability to predict hardware failures and recommend replacements up to 14 days in advance, with up to 95% accuracy.