Mumbai drugs case: Nawab Malik alleges Fadnavis’s link with Dawood

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    Fadnavis framing innocents in fake cases: Nawab Malik

    Maharashtra Minister Nawab Malik accused Devendra Fadnavis of framing innocent people in fake cases. He said, “I’m fighting against a man who is framing innocent people in fake cases. Devendra Fadnavis is not only diverting my issue but also trying to defend one officer (Sameer Wankhede). Accusing Fadnavis of shielding criminals, he said, “Nagpur’s notorious criminal Munna Yadav was appointed chairman of Construction Workers’ Board by Devendra Fadnavis during his govt. One Haidar Azam, involved in illegal immigration of Bangladeshis, was appointed chairman of Maulana Azad Finance Corporation by Fadnavis.”

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    Dawood aide Riyaz Bhati let off in 2 days by Fadnavis govt: Nawab Malik

    NCP leader Nawab Malik accused ex-Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis of links with Dawood Ibrahim’s aide Riyaz Bhati. He said, “I want to ask who Riyaz Bhati is? He was caught with a fake passport. He had links with Dawood. He was let off in two days in spite of having two passports. Why was he seen in functions with you (Fadnavis) and even in BJP functions? We don’t want to bring the PM into this? But this Riyaz Bhati had access to the PM’s function and also clicked photos with him? Underworld dons from other countries called police officers appointed by Devendra Fadnavis in Thane and the matter was settled.”

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    Nawab Malik alleges Fadnavis’s link with Dawood aide, says he protected fake note racket

    Maharashtra Minister and NCP leader Nawab Malik has accused former Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis of protecting fake currency rackets in the state with help from Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) Zonal Director Sameer Wankhede. He also alleged that Fadnavis had links with gangster Dawood Ibrahim’s aide Riyaz Bhati.

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    RECAP | Fadnavis accuses Nawab Malik of cracking deals with Bombay blasts convicts

    BJP leader and former Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis accused NCP leader Nawab Malik of engaging in dubious property deals with two Bombay blast convicts. He alleged that Nawab Malik, through a company, Solidus Investments Pvt Limited, owned by his family, bought a prime property in Kurla, by undervaluing the land. “The property was bought from 1993 Bombay blast convicts Salim Patel and Sardar Shahab Ali Khan at throwaway prices,” he said. The deal was executed between 2003 and 2005, he said. The 1993 bombings marked the first in a series of three major terrorist attacks over 15 years, all of them aimed at the heart of India’s commercial capital. It was the first time Pakistan came close to being declared a sponsor of terrorism. He said Salim Patel, Haseena Parkar (sister of Dawood Ibrahim) ran a land-grabbing racket. The documents for power of attorney were made in the name of Salim Patel. Devendra Fadnavis said that the deal for the property was made for Rs 25 per square foot and was actually bought at the rate of Rs 15 per square foot. Whereas a nearby market plot had been transacted at Rs 2053/sqft. He claimed that one of the signatories of the deal was Faraz Malik, Nawab Malik’s son.

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    Will drop ‘hydrogen bomb’ exposing Fadnavis’s underworld links, says NCP leader Nawab Malik

    NCP leader Nawab Malik has said that he will drop a “hydrogen bomb” on Maharashtra Leader of Opposition Devendra Fadnavis on Wednesday. Responding to allegations levelled by the BJP leader against his family, Malik said he will “expose” Fadnavis’ alleged “links with the underworld”. In a press conference on Tuesday, Nawab Malik said, “I will drop a hydrogen bomb tomorrow in connection with Fadnavis. I will expose his underworld links.” A minister in the Maharashtra government, Malik, made the statement in response to Devendra Fadnvis’ allegations that a company with links to the NCP leader purchased property by the name of ‘Goawala Compound’ in Kurla at a very cheap rate, using fictitious documents, from two convicts of the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts case. Naming Sardar Shahvali Khan and Salim Patel, Fadnavis accused Nawab Malik of dealing with “killers of Mumbai” while fixing the deal. Khan is accused in the 1993 bomb blast case, while Patel was a close aide of Dawood Ibrahim’s sister Hasina Parkar.