Karan Johar REVEALS getting trolled on his sexuality; has the best message for trolls


Karan Johar is arguably the most famous Hindi filmmaker we have today. He makes films and also judges and hosts reality shows. He is also pretty active on social media. The Kuch Kuch Hota Hai filmmaker recently opened up about social media and trolling in an interview with Janice Sequeira. He said that social media is a platform that one leverages to build a connection with the world outside. He added that he’s not on social media to disassociate himself from his filmmaking or for his storytelling narrative which is the most critical part of who he is. He went on to say that it defines him and if he has a film release he is going to use social media as a place.
He also spoke about getting trolled ‘a lot’ but he doesn’t care. He said that he has stopped caring about the negativity and started focusing on love. He added that he when he scans through the comment section, he only looks at where the hearts are there. “Commenting on my sexuality, commenting on what they believe I am, you know, I’ll be 50 in May and I’m so grateful for so much,” Said Karan.
Talking about his funda, he indirectly gave a message to trolls. Said the filmmaker, “Love me, hate me for heaven’s sake don’t be indifferent to me because that’s something that might kill me. Indifference is something that I can bear.”
Well, Karan can be very candid at times and this interaction was an example of it.