Its difficult to know, Why his wife is upset to him in that morning


It is always difficult to read women’s mind and more difficult when wife get upset with no reason.In this story, it is really interesting to know that why his wife is upset to him in that morning. I am sure you will not stop your laugh at end.

It is universal accepted truth that wife has right to get angry to his husband with no reason and it is a challenge to find a reason for the husband. In this story, A man wake up in the morning and finds that his wife is upset with him about something. He tries to find out the fault and starts guessing from last day end till now but finds himself unable to know the cause. But i am sure for one thing that you will enjoy this story and there will be sure big laughter at the end after seeing whatever happens.

Worth to watch this 8 minute movie till the end by Humara movie and you will also say “Oye teri”.