Indian Idol 12: Viewers call Shanmukhapriya ‘PATHETIC’ for spoiling Helen’s iconic song Mera Naam Chin Chin Chu


Indian Idol 12 has received a lot of positive as well as negative comments. While they have many followers, there are many who hate this season. The show has been called out for fake content, melodrama and unfair eliminations. Also, this season while Pawandeep Rajan got all the love, it is Shanmukhapriya who is facing a lot of criticism. She is known for her variations and yodelling. She also sings in a very high-pitched voice. Fans are very upset and expressed their annoyance at her now repetitive style of singing. They trolled her and even said that she should be removed from the show. Every week the girl goes through such comments and even this week she has to face criticism. It was just yesterday when Javed Akhtar motivated her to take these trolls in a positive way and today she is being slammed again.
In today’s episode, she sang, Helen’s iconic song Mera Naam Chin Chin Chu and gave that song a remix and styled it in her own way. However, fans have not liked it and have again slammed her for spoiling the song. They have called her a pathetic singer and want her to be removed. Fans have not liked the way she has giving her touch to the song and killed the song’s originality. Take a look at the tweets:

She is a really nice singer but it is annoying how #ShanmukhaPriya spoils EVERY iconic song with her own rendition?
Beyond my understanding why @SonuKakkar #AnuMalik & #HimeshReshammiya do an “aapne mausam badal diya” every single time she does that??#IndianIdol #IndianIdol2021

AnuP ??? (@anupsjaiswal) June 27, 2021


@indian_idol12 #ShanmukhaPriya#ArunitaKanjilal#ShanmukhaPriya
Shanmukha again ruined the “mera naan chin chin chu ” By unnecessary screaming. At end she shouting badly it seems like barking.
Actually she needs improvement soon.

Harsh Kamble (@hkphys) June 27, 2021


Feeling of every performance hater of #ShanmukhaPriya ->
“Please #ShanmukhaPriya ” shut your mukh priya” and don’t even ever try to show your squirrel faced designed teeth to the people watching the #IndianIdol2021 show.Dont waste #SonyTV ‘s and viewers time, energy and weekend.

Akshay Skyfleet (@AkSkyfleet) June 27, 2021


When #ShanmukhaPriya comes to perform on the stage in the show.
Condition of every listener of her performance song in front of TV ? ??? #IndianIdol2021#SonyTV :

Akshay Skyfleet (@AkSkyfleet) June 27, 2021


Aggressive promotion of a non artistic barely a singer #shanmukhapriya is very pitiful, rooster in my neighbourhood yodels better and on time.

Alap Joshi (@alapjoshi) June 27, 2021


#IndianIdol2021 I don’t know what makers are willing to do
But I think everyone are better and versatile then #ShanmukhaPriya plz stop spoiling our fav songs plz ? .she is good in yodelling but you need to be careful by not overusing it in every song .

Aarti Jadkar (@jadkar_aarti) June 27, 2021


Wanna hear how a super classic song is literally r@ped of its class? Listen to #ShanmukhaPriya @ShanmukhapriyaO r@ping Mera Naam Chin Chin Chu on #IndianIdol2021 @SonyTV

Man Maujee (@man_maujee) June 27, 2021


Pathetic performance by #ShanmukhaPriya please go out of the show.

Chetan Khedkar (@chetansonu) June 27, 2021


when the chances of #ShanmukhaPriya getting eliminated is strong they postpone elimination.#Nachiket #anjaligaikwad and #SawaiBhatt elimination is unfair. bias show with fake drama…..

?Nisha kamble? (@NISHAKAMBLE97) June 27, 2021



Please it is an Insult for singing and you are spoiling the name of legends. Stop yelling and screaming. You have nil knowledge of singing. Please respect singers and Talent dont Spoil the show and Stop over reacting.
PRAKASH.T (@prakash_twr) June 27, 2021


#ShanmukhaPriya Ne Mausam Badal Diya Yes Badla Acha Tha Kharab Kar diya. #indianIdol2021

Vidit Kishore Saxena (@Vidit02751600) June 27, 2021

Well, Shanmukhapriya is surely facing a lot of negativity this season.