Indian Idol 12: Fans SLAM makers for allegedly removing Pawandeep Rajan’s second song and appreciation by the judges – view tweets


In the latest episode of Indian Idol 12, we saw contestants giving tribute to Himesh Reshammiya by crooning his chartbusters. While maximum contestants crooned two or three tracks of HR, Pawandeep sung only one track, which was Salman Khan starrer Tere Naam’s title track. While once again we saw fans enjoying his performance, they slammed makers for allegedly removing his second song and appreciation part of judges, which was shown in the show. Here are some of the tweets…

These people need to realize who is running the show. Even 3 mins of him can create havoc!! #pawandeeprajan #PawandeepRajan #VoteForPawandeep #WeLovePawandeep@SonyTV @fremantle_india

AH (@AH28224071) June 12, 2021

#IndianIdol the only singer is #Pawandeeprajan rest are just screaming.
HR ka suroor are yaar kya wahiyat cheez h karo ab @SonyTV

ashish sharma (@ashush44) June 12, 2021

Stop this biasness #IndianIdol
The man who’s behind the sucess of #IndianIdol2021, you are keeping him in the stand.
Giving him 3 mins out of 90 is a complete act of stupidity!
Give him more songs and cash more trps. @SonyTV @fremantle_india#pawandeeprajan #PawandeepRajan

AH (@AH28224071) June 12, 2021

@SonyTV @fremantle_india shame on you Sony #IndianIdol2021 #IndianIdol #IndianIdol12 #PawandeepRajan

We want explanation as to why Pawan’s 2nd song and his appreciation part was cut from the episode
Himani Sharma ? (@HimaniSharma_20) June 12, 2021

Yesss we want answers @SonyTV @fremantle_india shame on you Sony #IndianIdol2021 #IndianIdol #IndianIdol12 #PawandeepRajan

Himani Sharma ? (@HimaniSharma_20) June 12, 2021

Guys vote for pawandeep ASAP.. We have to make him win this trophy.. He deserves all the love.. @SonyTV pawandeep ka second song kidhr h… we want to know the reason??? Kitna b krlo pawandeep is gonna win #indianidol#indianidol12 #Pawandeep #pawandeeprajan

Rk (@Rk32694798) June 12, 2021

What exactly is going on? @SonyTV

We are here waiting eagerly throughout the week to listen to pawandeep, the maximum trp provider. In an episode of 90 mins giving him a single song that of 3 mins is height of ignorance!
#PawandeepRajan #VoteForPawandeep #WeLovePawandeep
AH (@AH28224071) June 12, 2021

Total Partiality Given #PawandeepRajan Just 1 Song to Sing for 3 Mins & Danish given 3-4 Song with 8Mins
Sheer Partiality #IdolPawandeep ko only 1 Song Mila to Isme #IdolArunita ki Kya Galti?
Sab #ArunitaKanjilal ko kyu Suna Rahe Ho #IndianIdol #IndianIdol12 #IndianIdol2020

? ? ?$ ? ? (@3967_PS_25) June 12, 2021

We Pawan’s fans want explanation, y his 2nd song was cut while others r singing 2 songs
Danish,even 3songs

& Pawan’s appreciation part was also cut which was shown in promo
We wnt explanation @SonyTV @fremantle_india#IndianIdol2021 #Indianidol12 #IndianIdol #PawandeepRajan
Himani Sharma ? (@HimaniSharma_20) June 12, 2021

Well, it will be interestingly to see how many songs will Pawandeep Rajan sing in tomorrow’s episode.