‘I trust Elon Musk’: Netizens want world’s richest man to


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    World’s richest man Elon Musk is well-known for his intelligence. But in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, the SpaceX and Tesla CEO also gained admirers for lending help to the distressed country. Amid the invasion of Ukraine, Musk provided his Star Link internet services for free. His recent acts have won him plenty of appreciation with several also seeing him as their choice for the US President in the future. It is interesting to know that Musk also has an ongoing social media tussle with the current US President Joe Biden.

    The President of the United States is also known as the ‘leader of the free world’. The position is one of immense pressure but also influence to make change, not just inside US but across the world. Having someone like Elon Musk at the helm would surely be an interesting prospecting, completely different from the leaders of the day.

    Several users on Twitter put forward their opinion that Elon Musk should be running for the US President in the next election in the country. One user wrote, “I trust @elonmusk over Biden AND the GOP warmongers.” Another remarked, “Elon Musk should run for President in 2028.”



    “Question: Would you take Elon Musk over Joe Biden in the White House? I would,” wrote a third one.

    However, not everyone on the microblogging platform is on the same page. A person against the idea that Musk would be a great president wrote, “Not in a million years. Elon Musk is a CEO. He has no experience as a politician. CEOs aren’t good at politics.”

    Another said that Musk should stay an entrepreneur as he is creating more value in the role, “Those who want Elon Musk to run for President are under the misconception that working as a politician is more important than working as an entrepreneur and industrialist. Musk is creating more value by his work now than he ever could as a mere politician.”

    One user tried to point out a simple technicality that Musk isn’t US born. “Elon Musk will never be president of the United States.  His birthplace was South Africa.  Please stop with these silly questions,” they wrote.