Human: Shefali Shah OPENS UP about her first onscreen kiss with Kirti Kulhari – ‘I lost my virginity to Kirti’


Shefali Shah has been in the industry for a long time now but she has never kissed onscreen because of her apprehensions. However, in her recent OTT show Human, Shefali decided to drop her inhibitions and performed her maiden kissing scene with Kirti Kulhari. Talking about her experience, Shefali said that she lost her virginity to Kirti since it was important for the script.
Earlier, Kirti had told Hindustan Times, “I think the most nervous person for the kissing scene was my director Mozez Singh. I was only (thinking) ‘what if I kiss her and feel something, what if I get turned on?’ That will be something, I will then have to sit back and think if I am also looking at women. That is the only thing I had. We did not rehearse. My director made us do some 8-10 takes for getting different angles of the kiss. We did it the first time, and we were like ‘ok,’ I was relieved thinking ‘thank God koi feeling nahi aya (there was no feeling)’. Then Mozez came back and asked us to give more takes.”
When Shefali was asked about Kirti’s reaction to their kissing scene, she told Pinkvilla, “I think she has a great sense of humour and she has really thought through this one. Yeah, I mean she’s really given it so much thought. When I read the scene, I knew it was important for the script. I know it’s a very big statement not just for the script, but for everyone around. It’s about accepting gracefully, which we, a lot of people are still turning a blind eye to. And, the fact that, I could in my small way, make that statement, and very confidently.”
She further added, “Like you have heard what Kirti said, I basically lost my virginity to Kirti because I have never kissed (on-screen) before. I’d probably have those apprehensions earlier but you know, I don’t see it as being difficult because it’s a woman. Because at that time, Saira and Gauri are in love. So, it’s just that. That emotion is paramount. It doesn’t matter. I don’t have my lineage towards the same sex but it doesn’t mean I don’t respect it, I don’t dignify it. So, at that moment, it was a true emotion that these two women felt. It didn’t even cross my mind, honestly.”
Both Shefali and Kirti play doctors in their Disney+ Hotstar show Human.