How Much Money Will You Make Mining Cryptocurrency


    How much money can you make mining cryptocurrency? Is it worth it?

    Cryptocurrency mining is a really fun thing to get into, whether you have a passion to technology or not it is still going to be one of the fun investments that will teach you a lot about hardware and as long as you have good electric pricing in your area then it will be promising returns.

    This guide will be mostly covering only GPU mining, we will go over the most asked questions including:

    • What impacts your mining profit?
    • How much do you need to start?
    • Electricity pricing and what KWH is where it becomes most of the time profitable.
    • What maintenance does it require
    • How much money will you make mining cryptocurrency?
    • How to calculate your return on investment duration [ROI]

    This is not a financial advice, it is merely but an approximation to give you an idea of what to expect and how much money will make mining cryptocurrency.