Hina Khan and Rocky Jaiswal to get married soon? Here’s what he said


Hina Khan and Rocky Jaiswal are the cutest couples of telly land. They have been together for a long time and never fail to give us major #couplegoals. Hina Khan often keeps sharing adorable pictures and videos with her boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal. Their relationship is not just limited to pictures and videos, they also support each other through thick and thin. Many of their fans want them to get married soon. Recently, in an interview with Hindustan Times, Rocky Jaiswal was asked about their relationship and whether we can see them getting married soon. Rocky Jaiswal said that they have been together for a good number of years now, and have been through all ups and downs that a couple can possibly see after marriage.
He said that mentally they are together. He said that they do not want to do something to get a societal tag and just to be official about it and that doesn’t make sense to them. He also said that he has seen that even after getting married people aren’t happy and hence what is the point in getting married. He also said that they trust each other. Rocky said, “We don’t have any kind of inhibitions about each other. That gives us the liberty to expand and move ahead in our careers to see where it leads to. We think that there’s still time for marriage. Eventually, we’ll get married but that time is not now”
Rocky Jaiswal also said that he is very close to Hina and they understand each other. He also shared that he and Hina Khan can speak about everything and anything with each other. He said, “The openness and transparency that we have in our relationship is amazing especially when you see what’s happening around everywhere. People are doing what not even after being together for years.”