Ham radio enthusiast from Ahmedabad gets in touch with SpaceX


    A ham radio enthusiast from Ahmedabad on Wednesday got a response from SpaceX Crew Dragon’s astronauts while trying to connect with International Space Station.

    Adhir Saiyadh, a computer engineer, told that he was trying to connect with ISS when he suddenly received a response from Dragon capsule which docked with the orbital outpost on Sunday.

    “I was on a video call with my student regarding the ISS. He asked me if we could connect with ISS. I decided to try and connect while I was on the video call. I coincidentally got connected on their frequency and received a reply from the capsule and experienced a video call type connection,” Adhir told ANI.

    “We were in the middle of an e-lecture when this capsule passed over Ahmedabad. I tried to connect to the ISS and we got connected. They acknowledged the call,” added Adhir.

    US billionaire Elon Musk’s SpaceX company built the Dragon module that lifted off from the Florida spaceport on May 30, after days of delay. This was the first launch from US soil since NASA retired its space shuttle programme in 2011.