Focus on local containment to curb surge in Covid cases: PM


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday urged states and Union Territories to focus more on local containment to deal with surge in Covid-19 cases in the country.

“Momentum of the economy should be maintained,” PM Modi told state chief ministers, Lt Governors and administrators of UTs at a review meeting held on Thursday to take stock of the country’s Covid-19 situation and public health preparedness.

The Prime Minister stressed that while making any strategy, it was very important to keep in mind that there should be minimum damage to the livelihood of the common people, economic activities & momentum of the economy should be maintained.

Addressing the meeting, the PM said the earlier confusion about Omicron was slowly getting cleared now.

“The Omicron variant is infecting the general public many times faster than the earlier variants. We have to be alert, be careful, but we also have to take care that there is no panic situation. We have to see that in this festive season, the alertness of the people and the administration is not lowered anywhere,” the PM said.

The Prime Minister said irrespective of the variant, the proven way to tackle the pandemic remains vaccination only.“In order to defeat corona we need to keep our readiness ahead of every variant. Along with tackling Omicron, we need to start preparing for any future variant from now itself,” the Prime Minister added.

He pointed out that India had given the first dose to about 92% of the adult population and the coverage of the second dose has also reached around 70%. Within 10 days, India has also vaccinated about 30 million of its adolescents. “The sooner the precaution dose is given to the frontline workers and senior citizens, the more the capacity of our healthcare system will increase,” the PM said and urged to intensify the ‘Har Ghar Dastak’ campaign for 100% vaccination. He also stressed the need to counter any misinformation about vaccines or the practice of wearing masks and strictly following home isolation guidelines.

On the preparedness of the health infrastructure, the PM said states had utilised the Rs 23,000 crore package to revamp the health infrastructure.

“Under this more than 800 paediatric units all over the country, 1.5 lakh new ICU and HDU beds, more than 5 thousand special ambulances, more than 950 liquid medical oxygen storage tank capacity have been added,” the PM said.