Did you know what’s special about BTS’ member Jin’s adorable green bow at the Permission To Dance on Stage concert?


BTS have a massive fan following and people are crazy about their concerts. Recently, fans went crazy over their Permission To Dance online concerts. BTS’ Permission To Dance on Stage concert was simply perfect and amazing. However, member Kim Taehyung aka V could not perform the way he always does because of his calf injury. The handsome member of the Bangtan Boys performed whilst seated on a chair. Post the concert, V took to Weverse to apologise to his fans for the same and stated that he will bounce back stronger. However, another attraction of the concert was Jin’s green bow. Fans couldn’t stop gushing about the green bow he wore during the concert. Jin looked super-cute in the green bow. People were happy to see it. And when BTS members do something, people want to know the reason behind it.
Jin said, “Hello, this is Jin. Cute, right? This concert feels like a gift to you, ARMY. With that in mind, to wrap up, I prepared this with the intention of sending Seokjinnie as a gift ” jokingly added that the idea that he wore the bow because he was a gift was actually wrong. He then shared the real reason behind the bow and said, “I didn’t actually prepare it with this thought, but I just did it because there was this pretty item in the waiting room.” Even though, Jin said it was unintentional, ARMYs have also shone a light on the fact that green bows signify mental health awareness, which is something that Jin has always advocated in his words, lyrics, and actions.
BTS and Ed Sheeran collaborated for Permission To Dance, which turned out to be a global chartbuster. The song had the message of hope and positivity during the pandemic crisis of COVID-19, which garnered immense love from the fans. While the song is still dominating the charts across the globe, you would be surprise to know that the original lyrics of the song was more like a marriage proposal, which made it a love song.