BTS: When Suga and J-Hope fooled a shocked ARMY by saying that they have decided to disband – watch video


Bangtan Sonyeodan aka BTS is one of the pop music artists in the world right now. They are the first Korean boy bands who have achieved phenomenal success and global fame in recent years. And being a band, there has been an imminent question about disbanding. This reminds us about the time when Sope, that is, Suga aka Min Yoongi and J-Hope aka Jung Hoseok fooled ARMY by saying that they were disbanding. It had shocked ARMY so much because Sope aka Suga and J-Hope’s performance was so real. They spoke about their memories and even turned emotional and even faked a cry.
So, the Permission To Dance singers had come live on VLive and had given ARMYs the shock of their lives. “We’ve given it a lot of thought and decided to disband,” Suga began leaving J-Hope in (fake) tears. Suga kept a solemn expression but then even he turned emotional. They told fans thy they loved them and that it was a tough decision for them to make. And that’s not it, Suga had even provided an explanation for the same saying, “Due to differences of our opinions and musical styles, we have decided to go our separate ways. Still, we agreed to cheer on each other’s life. As we open the new door, it’s time to close and lock the door.”
They continued to talk about it in their segment of Hwagae Market. It caused chaos sure enough. This was a video from 2019’s VLive session of J-Hope and Suga. In the video, SOPE pretending to disband gave spoilers about their then-upcoming songs. It began with their invitation to Magic Shop. All of this happened on the 1st of April and their prank on the army had caused such mayhem. In case you are new to BTS and BTS army, watch the hilarious video here:

Well, that was really not funny, you guys. ARMY, get ready as BTS’ SOPE are going to come up with another live together.