BTS: RM and Jin’s reaction to a fan asking for Taehyung’s hand in marriage is totally DESI; ARMY wreck a havoc on Twitter


A couple of hours ago, BTS’ RM aka Kim Namjoon and Jin aka Kim Seokjin, that is, Namjin came live on VLive. And all hell broke loose on Twitter. Firstly, because Jin had fulfilled his promise to ARMY that he’d come live with RM after Butter’s CD release and a lot more reasons actually. Where to begin, ARMY is having a meltdown because the boys literally captioned their live ‘Namjin’. Since it began on such a great note, it was only expected to get better. And get better, it did. Now, there were a lot of things that happened in RM and Jin’s VLive, but what caught ARMY’s attention the most is when RM and Jin replied to a fan comment involving V aka Kim Taheyung.
It so happened that, Jin read a comment wherein a fan requested him to ask Taehyung to marry her. Jin went along with it and asked whether Taehyung was marrying. Then both he and RM congratulated TaeTae on his so-called wedding. RM went on to add that they should send him a wedding gift. And his suggestion for the gift is sooooo desi! RM suggested giving Taehyung a refrigerator. Jin agreed that they should. That’s right. For the unversed, Indians have this unspoken custom of gifting electronic things to the newly married. And this refrigerator thingy just fits the bill. This all is so funny and cute at the same time that ARMYs reaction has taken it a notch higher. So, a lot of Permission To Dance singer’s fans stepped in as his wife and accepted the gift and thanked RM and Jin. Uh-huh! They even shared pictures of a refrigerator and said that they’d just received their gift. OMG, ARMY is as cute as these boys, we’ve gotta say. Anyway, check out their reactions here:

Namjin’s gift (refrigerator) on my and taehyung’s marriage
Namjin themselves because they are the biggest refrigerators!!! Long,wide and spacious!!!!
— SumSum ?Yoongi’s (@SumSumSeVeN) August 19, 2021

NamJin are so funny they didn’t even flinch for once while congratulating taehyung for his marriage ???
— tas (@yoonki__bngtn) August 19, 2021

[Namjin Vlive Yay n ndan]*Taehyung’dan onunla evlenmesini isteyen bir yorum okuyorlar*?: Taehyung bug n evleniyor mu???: Tebrikler!?: Wow ona bir buzdolab g ndermeliyiz (D n hediyesi olarak)
— Kim Taehyung Turkey ??? (@sceneryforkthTR) August 19, 2021

Army said tell taehyung to marry me and namjin just said “congratulations taehyung” and they talked they will gift fridge to him….im devastated ??
— Alpacamoon (@bemy_seokjinnie) August 19, 2021

taehyung finding out he’s married & got a new fridge from namjin
— fiona?::not the fallen angel plz fb? (@DOpenHeartHuman) August 19, 2021

Thank you for the refrigerator, Namjin. My spouse Taehyung and I are so happy right now ?
— xandie ??stream PTD!!!?? BTS loves you ? (@hoodie_moodie) August 19, 2021

I just received the refrigerator as wedding gift from seokjinie and joonie. and Taehyung and yeontan also safety arrived at my home. ??
Thankyou so much #Namjin we both are so happy ?@BTS_twt
— wintertatae (@wintertataeh) August 19, 2021

Taehyung after Namjin returned congratulating him and deciding his wedding gift
— Grrr ? (@tetekjkoo) August 19, 2021

so , who else received the fridge???
mine is in the shipping process…??????#namjin gift to #TAEHYUNG wedding
— Fahmida Alam Anni (@AnniAlam) August 19, 2021

NamJin are so funny they didn’t even flinch for once while congratulating taehyung for his marriage ???
— tas (@yoonki__bngtn) August 19, 2021

You guys are only getting fridge.. well namjin gifted us a fridge ,sope gifted us a air conditioner and jikook gifted us a washing machine
— Taetae ? (missing Taehyung ?) (@BorahEmon) August 19, 2021

Guys stop spreading rumors and making joke what would taehyung think when he sees this. You all being delusional and calling him your husband he doesn’t like it when someone calls him that except me. So just stay away from my husband pls. Namjin gifted that fridge on our wedding
— amna (ia) (@bts_vantae_) August 19, 2021

Taehyung: Armys are my best friend??Meanwhile Namjin: congratulations taehyung for your wedding with an army we will give you a fridge ??????
— boba koo (@LovelyVrmyj) August 19, 2021

suddenly everyones newly wed with taehyung and got a new fridge from namjin ??
— tata (@borahaevantaeh) August 19, 2021

Thank you namjin i will surely invite you to my and taehyung’s wedding ?
— boba koo (@LovelyVrmyj) August 19, 2021

— tata mic (@itstatamic) August 19, 2021

— NAMJIN SENT ME A FRIDGE! (@yeontanie00) August 19, 2021

At one side taehyung is friendzoning us and on the the other side namjin are marrying off him to us?
— Jaeeun (@Jaeeun_luvs_BTS) August 19, 2021

Thank You NAMJIN for this amazing wedding gift?? @BTS_twt me & Taehyung r beyond being happy & blessed! Also send lots of love & blessings for our marriage life ?
— D-2Dom ? ? ? (@persona_swan) August 19, 2021

Taehyung and I are getting married.y’all are invited. also I want to thank namjin for this beautiful gift.we will use it well??
— Kookie’s Heartbeat (@khushikoo_) August 19, 2021

thanks namjoon and jin for the water dispenser! taehyung and i are loving it ?
— chiara namjin live attendee (@taehluvbot) August 19, 2021