BTS PTD in Seoul Day 2 Highlights: From Jimin falling down while performing Black Swan to Kim Seokjin’s exposed arms – here’s a rewind


BTS is performing before their home crowd in Seoul, Korea at the Permission To Dance concert. There are a number of restrictions on the audience. Korean ARMYs cannot yell, chant, shout or get up from their seats. They have been given clappers to cheer for them. The set list is a good one with songs like Fire, ON, Dope, DNA, Fake Love, Black Swan, Idol, Life Goes On, Boy With Luv, Dynamite, Butter, Dis-ease, Telepathy, Home and others. The stage was a slippery one as it had been raining hard. Both Jimin and SUGA fell down while performing. Here is a rewind of all the epic moments of day 2.
Jimin falls during Black Swan
BTS’ vocalist-dancer Park Jimin aka Jimin slipped while performing Black Swan. He regained himself in a minute to deliver a great performance. Fans are worried if he has hurt himself or not. Jimin quickly came to Weverse and told fans to take care of their health after being drenched. He advised a hot full shower and being tucked in the blankets. Oh Jimin, you are such a sweetie!


JIMIN VOCAL | threads & analyses (@PJM_vocal) March 12, 2022
Min Yoongi literally owned Day 2 of Permission To Dance Seoul
BTS rapper SUGA aka Min Yoongi owned day two. ARMYs had a collective meltdown seeing him dressed in a black suit for the Sound Check. He looked like a mafia boss with his glares and slick hair. From giving a flying kiss to the fans to recovering after a fall, Min Yoongi gave fans endless moments.

I’m the only one allowed to fall – for you. I will catch you every single time. then sue you. I WILL STILL SUE YOU MIN YOONGI. Look at all this wreckage.#PTD_ON_STAGE_SEOUL_day2 #PTD_ON_STAGE_SEOUL @BTS_twt

Min Yoongi is king but OT7 wrecked me (@AsiaiiMin) March 12, 2022

Min Yoongi the man of every girls dream… fuck i cant take his hotness anymore … he is just fucking making me fall for him more and more …YOONGIS the best??#SUGA #WillSueMinYoongi #YOONGI #BTSSuga #WelcomeToTheStageYoongi #BTS #BTSARMY

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Flying kiss dari min yoongi?

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Kim Seokjin was on fire
Kim Seokjin stans have been going mad in theatres all over. He gave his all for the concert. He was so lost in the Idol performance that his jacket slipped. Fans are going mad seeing his exposed forearms in a sleeveless top. He also wore a cap that had both RJ and Koya. Can you beat that cuteness?


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My man’s wearing a stuffed alpaca & koala on his head, & he’s still breathtaking, oh my lord, this isn’t fair Kim Seokjin ??

3rdGuyFromTheLeft ???(slow) (@3rdGuyFromLeft) March 12, 2022
Kim Taehyung dancing in the rain
Kim Taehyung was his goofy self on the show. He played around with Min Yoongi on the stage. But the sight of him in the rain was something else altogether. Check this out…

Rain + Kim Taehyung omg ?#KIMTAEHYUNG

tvs (@taevspace) March 12, 2022

Look at him enjoying the rain! It’s a pure joy to watch!
Hope they didn’t catch a cold.

Taehyung Stage Presence
Sweet night with V
Keep Loving the Beautiful song #V_ChristmasTree #ChristmasTree by #V aka Kim Taehyung of
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Jungkook gives fans a view
Jeon Jungkook of BTS was in his element. He opened his red jacket to give fans a view of his chest from the sheer ganjee.


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Well, ARMYs had so many moments to cheer on Day two. Min Yoongi also told fans that BTS is going to be together for the next five years at least so those who missed out need not feel very bad.