BTS member Jungkook reveals why he got his eyebrow pierced and the reason has floored ARMY


BTS member Jungkook gave us a huge surprise a few minutes back with his surprise live session on VLive, where sung some songs, interacted with fans and made ARMY jump with joy. While it tuned out to be a mini-concert for fans, we saw netizens going gaga over his look and voice. The handsome hunk also revealed that his eyebrow piercing is real during the live and said that he did it because he was tired of the stickers.

Jungkook said he got his piercing done because he was tired of the stickers!!!

BTS_UPDATES ?? (@BTSupdate_7) July 29, 2021

Jungkook confirmed that his eyebrow piercing is real on his live! He said the stickers were a hassle to maintain so he got it pierced. @BTS_twt #Jungkook
Angel . *? (@BangtanILUV_613) July 29, 2021

FINALLY Jungkook is on live
His voice is so beautiful, and his tattoos and exposed chest my dizzy @BTS_twt #Jungkook
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Mi sono fatto la doccia e non ho asciugato i capelli. Ah sto pensando di farmi di nuovo i capelli lunghi. Quando avevo i capelli a triangolo gimbap, mi sono detto che non li avrei mai tagliati, quindi li ho solo fatti crescere ma questa volta voglio
BTS ITALIA ?? #PermissionToDance (@italianarmyfam_) July 29, 2021

JK: Es una l stima que no sea un micr fono inal mbrico.

JK: [despu s de IDOL]
Jk: Woah, eso fue agotador.
JK: Ok, siguiente canci n.
JK: Baepsae? bien baepsae.
JK: Cu l es mi parte? Realmente no recuerdo bien mi parte.?
illejeons @BTS_twt #BTSARMY #JUNGKOOK
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#JUNGKOOK Dios no nos puedes hacer esto de verdad, #baepsae nos supera a todas las #ARMY pero que regalazo de verdad #KOOKIE. El #Vlive de hoy es memorable

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Jungkook is giving us a free mini concert, we don’t deserve him ? You can see how much he misses performing for ARMY ??@BTS_twt #JUNGKOOK

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Recently, Jungkook spoke about his next song after Permission To Dance and said, “The reason we’ve released the songs and album up to this point is that they were thoughts, emotional states or trends about us at that time, so it was just that. All those songs were born in line with that generation [of emotions, thoughts, feelings].” Elaborating his answer, he added, “Just like we did then, what we can talk about now, what we should talk about now, as we contemplate these things and talk amongst ourselves, perhaps naturally, a good song or a wonderful song will come out.”