BTS: Jungkook becomes the first artist to have a themed cruise ship parade with illumination show – deets inside


BTS and Jungkook fans can now rejoice. He will be the first artist to have a themed cruise ship parade with custom-made illumination show travelling along the Han River in Seoul. According to reports, it is the largest cruise ship allowed on the Han River with the highest passenger capacity. In addition to the illumination and lighting show, the cruise ship will also have a themed restaurant, birthday caf and decorated exterior.
It can be recalled that last year, Jungkook CHINA went big with multiple grand projects. They included Skytyping event in New York, KTX train-wrapping in Seoul, Heundae Beach fireworks in Busan, Supersized LED support in Milan Central Station, among many others.

2021 #Jungkook CHINA Birthday Support: Part 2 #SemperLiber G a l a c t i c H a r b o r
Hangang ALL DAY Cruise Parade, Seoul ??

? 9.1
Seogang Bridge?Banpo Bridge
Themed-restaurant, Birthday Caf (Free Admission)
?Illumination+Lighting Show# @BTS_twt
JungkookCHINA (@Jungkook__China) July 24, 2021

This year, the birthday projects are much bigger. The first project was already announced and it is an Immersive “StageLAB” Exhibition Lightbox in Manhattan, the world’s first-ever for an individual artist.

2021 #Jungkook CHINA Birthday Support – Part 1 #SemperLiber
Lightbox, Manhattan, USA ??
? 9.1.21 (11a-8p)
World’s Firsts:
* Immersive 360-digital exhibition for an individual artist
* 1st Artist Fanbase to offer VR Fan Experience# @BTS_twt

JungkookCHINA (@Jungkook__China) July 20, 2021

Jungkook is the youngest member of BTS and he made his group debut in the band when he was 15. He was a high school student at the time. In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, when asked what he missed out on from an “ordinary life,” Jungkook mentioned that he misses his school days. “It’s true I couldn’t spend a lot of days at school, but I think I gained more than I lost. I sometimes felt envious of all my friends hanging out or going on a trip,” he said.