BTS: From Jin and V showering together to V getting cosy with a shirtless Jungkook – check out some of the lesser-known yet SHOCKING secrets of the K-Pop band


BTS is such a rage all across the globe these days that the world just can’t enough of the boy band. Every little thing the BTS members do becomes news and many things they don’t do also becomes news as is the way with speculations around famous people. To that effect, if you’re among those who just can’t get enough of the K-Pop band no matter how many secrets come your way of V, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, J-Hope, RM and Suga come your way, and if you feel all those secrets put together are still too less to satiate your appetite as a hardcore ARMY member, then we’ve got some new shocking secrets of the band just for you. And you don’t even need to worry about the veracity of these secrets, they’ve been confirmed straight from the horses’ mouths ergo the members themselves.
Here are four SHOCKING SECRETS of BTS members that are guaranteed to leave you shaken and stirred…
Jin and V showering together

At a fan meet, when Jin was asked to share a memorable incident of the group, he recalled the time V had once started knocking on the bathroom door while he was showering, stating that the situation was urgent. When he opened the door and inquired what the urgency was about, V replied that they should shower together, which, evidently, they did.
V getting cosy with a shirtless Jungkook

Jimin had once revealed that Jungkook, who’s known for his chiselled physique, loves exercising shirtless, and most of the time when he does so, V cosies up right next to him.
Jimin and V’s arguments

Jimin and V are the BFFs of the band, and as with many great friendships, the two are often spotted arguing albeit with hilarious consequences, with their main point of contention usually being about his V keeps leaving trash around the room. In fact, whenever Jimin complains about this, V has been known to annoy him further by calling the trash “expensive gifts”, which he leaves around for his BFF.
V knicking other members’ food

In another erstwhile interview, Jimin had also revealed that his BFF, V, often steals other members’ food, and when he reproaches V for it, the latter casually responds that it’s only because he can’t cook.
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