BTS: ‘Did I receive the wrong tape?’ Fans upset over the quality of Butter Cassette tapes


Some BTS fans are upset and it seems they have a good reason to be so. The quality of the Butter cassette tape is not good according to them. They received a white cassette tape with smudged/faded ink where Butter is written. A fan even wondered if he had received the right thing. He wrote, “Did I receive the wrong tape? What is this? The tape is more white and the font is faded. Even the BTS logo looks faded and there isn’t even a hologram sticker. Is this fake? HYBE, did you send me a fake one?” He was not the only one. Wrote another fan, “I just received the tape and the color looks totally different from the website. Did everyone else get a white colored tape? Or is mine a flawed one?”
It was not just the cassette fans were complaining about. One fan pointed out the scratches his ring had. Another fan wrote that he had received bent photo cards.
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(@uiitx0) October 30, 2021

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I vote #Butter for #TheSong at #PCAs @BTS_twt
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(@mamang32) October 30, 2021

Many fans are asking for a refund or an exchange. They are hoping that in the future, there is a quality check before the things are sent out to people.