BTS: ARMY can’t keep calm as Jin flaunts his muscles


Jin is one of the most famous band members. Apart from his singing and dancing, he is also known for his looks. He recently teased ARMY with the possibility of bulking up. He shared a pic that showed his shadow. He wrote, “If I grow my muscles, I’ll look like this, right?” Have a look at his post below:

[TRANS] @BTS_twt #Weverse #Jin on Weverse:
If I were to grow muscles it would look like this (right)?

Dalbit Bangtan ? (@dalbitbangtan) September 29, 2021

He is telling us to touch some grass ???

Nini ? Anjali and Mrs bang day ? (@0X1Mikrokosmos) September 29, 2021


TaeBeomSun|| Quiting life (@CheonjaeBTS) September 29, 2021


m (@chimcheekies_) September 29, 2021

sjsjsksk why is he like this

micmicbungee (@tryingtonamjoon) September 29, 2021

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? if i grow my muscles, ill look like this right?
? (@miiniyoongs) September 29, 2021

ARMY is going crazy over his post. It seems everyone likes the muscular Jin more. Have a look at a few reactions:


anj sweet thang ? (@aca_twt) September 29, 2021

Meanwhile, during an interview with Weverse Magazine, the handsome boy shared that he needs to make his fans laugh. Jin said, “I hope our fans don’t lose their laughter.” He added that he’s not really good at saying cheesy things and it’s not in his personality. “I feel embarrassed and cringey when I talk like that, and I can’t take myself seriously, so I try to keep it to a minimum,” he had added. He went on to say, “I go out of my way to make funny posts or leave funny replies on Weverse to make them happier. I just hope anyone who likes me is happy.”