Bitcoin Mixer


    It is possible using anonymity tools such as a Bitcoin Mixer to properly hide your Bitcoin transactions which could otherwise be viewed by anyone through blockchain explorers. Hence, it is crucial to “mix” your coins in order to protect yourself from unwanted risks and threats from bad actors, since it is possible to link your identity from your original address with today’s blockchain analytics services.

    MyCryptoMixer is one of the leading Bitcoin Tumblers in the market today that is easy to use, even for beginners. Users would be able to complete the Bitcoin mixing process in 5 simple steps:

    – Step 1 – Visit the official Bitcoin Mixer / Bitcoin Tumbler site ( Depending on your preference, you may visit the website using an ordinary web browser or the privacy-focused TOR browser.

    – Step 2 – Set up your Destination Bitcoin (BTC) Addresses. You may assign up to 5 BTC addresses, time delay, and more to strengthen the anonymity of your mixed coins.

    – Step 3 – Send Bitcoin to the Bitcoin Mixer (Tumbler). Send the amount of Bitcoins as indicated by the Bitcoin Tumbler to the address as shown on the page.

    – Step 4 – Processing your mixed coins. Wait for the mixing process to be completed.

    – Step 5 – View the status of the mixing process. Your mixed coins should be sent successfully and your transactions are now untraceable from anyone.

    If you would like to know more about the Bitcoin mixing, do check out our guide on how to mix your Bitcoins to gain a better insight on the mixing process.