Bill Gates was ‘angry, unreceptive to suggestions’, allege his women


    The announcement of the divorce of Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates seems to have opened up a pandora’s box, with new details emerging everyday about the couple’s personal life and the behaviour of the Microsoft co-founder.
    The latest such report is that Bill Gates was hot-tempered with employees and would yell at them, four women who worked with him at Microsoft told Business Insider.
    “Having a meeting with Bill was just an opportunity to get yelled at, so I tried to avoid that,” the publication quoted a former Microsoft executive as saying.

    While few executives felt he was direct and honest, which could feel like intimidation, not everyone was comfortable with his behaviour. “A person like Bill Gates thinks the usual rules of behaviour don’t apply to him,” Maria Klawe, who was a board member of Microsoft from 2009 to 2015, said.

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    Klawe said Gates was unreceptive to suggestions about improving diversity in succession planning, and behaved as if he was the “smartest person in the room”.
    The announcement of divorce has brought the personal life of Bill and Melinda Gates in news, with various reports suggesting extramarital affairs of Bill and his links with Jeffrey Epstein, who was being tried for sex trafficking before his death, as the possible reason for the divorce.
    Earlier, a report published in Vanity Fair magazine said the Microsoft co-founder was dating many women secretly and had devised a system to cover his tracks. Gates would drive to work at Microsoft in his Mercedes, only to leave an hour later in a golden-brown Porsche that an assistant brought for him, it said, while explaining how the billionaire used to conceal his activities.

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