Bill Gates offers free downloads of his book ‘How to


    Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is offering his e-book on climate change to the students of universities and colleges across the world for free. His book named ‘How to avoid a climate disaster: The Solutions We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need’ was published earlier this year. Now, students can get free downloads of his e-books. This is, however, a limited period offer. 

    Bill Gates offers free downloads of his e-book

    Gates launched this scheme on October 25. The free e-book can be downloaded only till this week. The e-book can be downloaded for free by any college or university student from the official blog site of Bill Gates, GatesNotes. They can also register using their e-mail ID and a link to download the e-book will be sent to them. 

    “Earlier this year, I published a book called How to Avoid a Climate Disaster. One of the main reasons I wrote it is that young people are showing so much passion for dealing with climate change. So I’m making a free download of it available for any college or university student, anywhere in the world,” Gates said in his official blog. 

    “Young people are holding their governments accountable and insisting that they commit to eliminating their carbon emissions. As a result, they’re making those commitments. Now what we need is a plan for getting to zero. That’s what I put forward in my book. How to Avoid a Climate Disaster: The Solutions We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need is about all the steps we need to take to keep the planet livable for humans. We need to revolutionize our entire physical economy, including the way we move things around the planet, produce electricity, make things, grow food, and heat and cool our buildings,” he wrote in his blog- GatesNotes (

    Bill Gates aims at zero emissions

    Talking about climate change in his blog, Bill Gates drew attention to achieving zero emissions with the help of science and technology, in order to save the climate. “That’s going to take a ton of innovation in both technology and policy. Which means young people need to play a special role. In my experience, they’re the ones with the most new ideas, and the most energy to pursue them. Getting to zero emissions will be the hardest thing people have ever done. But I believe we can do it. I’m optimistic about what science and technology can accomplish, and even more important, I’m optimistic about what people can accomplish. If all of us—and especially today’s young people—apply their ingenuity to this problem, we can avoid a climate disaster