Bigg Boss OTT: Fans praise Neha Bhasin for taking Pratik Sehajpal’s class in her signature style


While in the past episodes we saw Pratik Sehajpal grabbing the headlines with his fights and arguments with the housemates, this time Neha Bhasin dominated the latest episode as she took class of Pratik, who was interfering in her matter. Not only housemates but fans also praised the singer and called her sensible, strong, straight forward and matured person. Here are some of the tweets…

Only 2 people who can shut #PratikSehajpal are #NehaBhasin and #AksharaSingh #BiggBossOTT #BBOTT

(@mehvishrehan) August 13, 2021

#NehaBhasin speaks with such powerfulness in her voice yet her exterior exhibits calmness. The way she handled #Pratik when he was questioning her for targeting #Nishant was commendable. #BBOTT #BiggBossOTT

(@mehvishrehan) August 13, 2021

Who is #PratikSehajpal to stop #NehaBhasin from talking?

She said in a very light mood that ‘khanay ka bad jhagda karen’
He is not a dictator. He is looking like a fool getting into every convo for nothing.#BiggBossOtt
Shanyah? (@Shanayaah_) August 13, 2021

#milindgaba and #NehaBhasin had also did exceptionally well…really very happy to see their performance and patience #BiggBossOTT #BBOttOnVoot

Puneet Garg (@Itspuneetgarg) August 13, 2021

Neha rocks. People reacting before watching should see .. Riddhima herself was smiling & laughing and no for eff sakes she didn’t really kiss her lips. Ridhima didn’t feel violated at all dont use such words loosely. #NehaBhasin #BBott #BiggBossOTT @BiggBoss @justvoot @VootSelect

Neha Bhasin’s Warrior (@NBeeWarriors) August 13, 2021

#PratikSehajpal galat ja raha he aap ! Sambhal ke chalo ! #NehaBhasin great to way to stop a man to come on you ! #BBoTT #BiggBossOTT #BBOTTonVoot

Harshit The Cutest star (@Thecuteststar) August 13, 2021

I always love to listen #NehaBhasin
She is very much sorted and a very strong woman.#BiggBossOTT

Khabri ? (@real_khabri_1) August 13, 2021

#NehaBhasin is a good analyzer

She stopped #PratikSehajpal in her own way, when he was being too irritating.
Then she dint kept grudges n sorted it iut with him,when he came 2her.
Also she supported him behind his bak when others judged him
Chetana?No Diplomacy (@Chetana_CND) August 13, 2021

Loved the way how #NehaBhasin took class of #PratikSehajpal

That guy is sometimes too irritating to watch.#BiggBossOTT
Khabri ? (@real_khabri_1) August 13, 2021

#NehaBhasin is the most straight fwd, matured, sensible & neutral person

She’s not in any group
The way she explained things to #PratikSehajpal was on point
Sometimes u just need to calm the person down instead of cross questioning here n there#BiggBossOTT #bbott
Chetana?No Diplomacy (@Chetana_CND) August 13, 2021

Well, it will be interesting to see how Pratik Sehajpal behaves with Neha Bhasin in tomorrow’s episode. Let’s wait and watch.