Bigg Boss OTT: ‘Evict Neha Bhasin’ trends after Millind Gaba reveals he felt uncomfortable when she told him she weren’t wearing any undergarments


An ugly war of words erupted between the former connections Neha Bhasin and Millind Gaba when Bigg Boss asked the housemates to decide who will be punished for breaking the house rules. While housemates were levelling accusations against each other, Millind went on to reveal that he felt uncomfortable when Neha had told her that she weren’t wearing any undergarments in the bedroom area.
It all started when Millind brought up the topic of Neha charging upon him during the task coming really close to him and saying that she can feel his body. When Neha tried to explain what she meant, Millind then talked about Neha made him feel uncomfortable. Neha hit back at him saying that it was a joke and there was no need to get offended. She then went on to say that Millind also used to joke about her body parts.
When Neha told Millind that she can’t do anything objectionable since even her family members are watching the show, Millind questioned her about the way she talks to other people. Pratik Sehajpal jumped in and questioned Millind why was he quiet all this while and didn’t react when he felt uncomfortable. Divya Agarwal and Moose Jattana strongly disagreed with Pratik. However, Moose said that both Neha and Millind were wrong in their own ways. Later, Neha and Moose were seen discussing about consent.
But it seems like viewers have already found Neha to be guilty of her actions. They started trending the hashtag ‘Evict Neha Bhasin’ while commenting on her behaviour in the Bigg Boss OTT house.

This #NehaBhasin is like kavita kaushik of last season… self centered, irritating & Annoying #BiggBossOTT #BBOTT

Mahesh? (@acmemahesh) August 28, 2021

Where were #RaqueshBapat amd #ShamitaShetty when #NehaBhasin is doing inappropriate things with or without consent of #Pratik and #MilindGaba (in earlier days)

Selective Opinion provider.
Shamita and Raquesh are here to give character certificate that too Selective and Biased.
24_march_00 (@24march001) August 28, 2021

What #MilindGaba said in yesterday’s episode about Neha was absolutely wrong but Neha is so so freaking irritating!….Milind please don’t loose yourself in this shit!.. audience is watching u#BiggBossOtt

SARUN 2 (@1Sa_varun28) August 28, 2021

#MooseJattana was gud throughout the ep today. Her reasons were clear while taking names for punishment. N she called a spade a spade when it came 4 neha n millind. Both were wrong, but neha never accepts her wrongs. She assumes tat everyone enjoys her eww behavior#BiggBossOTT

Chetana?No Diplomacy (@Chetana_CND) August 28, 2021

#MilindGaba atleast went n apologized to #NehaBhasin, but is neha apologetic for her blames n the bullying tat she did on millind?

Chetana?No Diplomacy (@Chetana_CND) August 28, 2021

@karanjohar I am very eager to see that what you on neha and milind’s topic because it was neha who spoke that sentence first if being a woman she don’t like it than being a man milind can also feel bad

??????? ?????? (@soLKAkYDY3m7cQw) August 28, 2021

Yes. Neha can discuss abt pratik’s ass, she can touch it. Feel it. Bt milind ne bola diya ki aapko naye partner ke sath maza aata toh bhadak gayi.

I am really sorry for her husband. ?
???????? (@Vampirette05) August 28, 2021

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