Bigg Boss 15: Viewers feel Tejasswi Prakash overreacted when Shamita Shetty eliminated her from captaincy race – read tweets


It seems like the tension between Tejasswi Prakash and Shamita Shetty has finally escalated into a hardcore battle. During the captaincy task, Bigg Boss divided housemates into two parivars (families) and gave each contestant a random secret of the opposite team. Each contestant was given a chance to enter the room wherein they will spill out the secret of a contestant to eliminate their chances of becoming the new captain of the house. Shamita voted against Tejasswi, significantly eliminating her chances of winning the position of captain. This infuriated Tejasswi to a great extent.
Tejasswi began discussing Shamita’s strategy to Karan Kundrra of eliminating her from the captaincy race. She tagged Shamita’s behaviour as of an insecure and jealous person. Tejasswi tried to confide in Karan about how twisted this game was becoming. Karan told her that their rivalry was evident and this thing was bound to happen.
Tejasswi has been aiming to become the house captain for a while now, but Shamita’s actions have cast a shadow of doubt over her goal. She told Karan that she is going to confront Shamita and set the records straight. Shamita, on the other hand, was trying to justify her actions to Pratik and Karan that she has no grudges against Tejasswi. And since the task was designed in such a way that she had to eliminate someone from the captaincy race, then she had to take Tejasswi out of the race.
Many viewers felt that Tejasswi overreacted to Shamita’s actions and had been sharing their views on the matter. However, Tejasswi’s fans felt that she did the right thing by calling Shamita out openly instead of bitching about her behind her back. Take a look.

#TejasswiPrakash is hands down the most negative person this season. Other contestants also have their mean moments, but Teja has one like every hour lol.

Feel sorry for those who decided to support her blindly at the start of the season. Who decided later, well #BiggBoss15
ainvayi.hi (@Ainvayi_hi) November 3, 2021

I think #TejasswiPrakash is overreacting to the whole captaincy task. Agar usse task se bahar nikala, toh usme insecurity or jealousy ki baat kahan se aayi? #ShamitaShetty is just playing her game, no personal grudge whatsoever. #BiggBoss15

Am (@lazyandbright) November 3, 2021

Actually #TejasswiPrakash became restless when #ShamitaShetty eliminated her from the captaincy task ??? #BB #BiggBoss #BiggBoss15 #BB15

Gijo Thomas (@kinggijo) November 3, 2021

#TejasswiPrakash is that girl in school who wants all the boys attention and pampering….she wants to be in everyone’s priority list ? she is literally begging people for attention. #BiggBoss

Trisha (@Trisha17140043) November 3, 2021

Itni gurur ki baat ka #TejasswiPrakash ??? Kis baat ka jealous, insecure ….kya hai apke pass ???#ShamitaShetty is the Queen #ShamitalsTheBoss

Golu rahmann (@gullu66687619) November 3, 2021

The smile is Shamita’s face after taking name of Teju’s in captaincy task tells it all. ?? The smirk was so evil and full of hatred. Our baby Teju felt that. #TejasswiPrakash #tejran

Jasmine Basumatary (@jasmineBasumat3) November 3, 2021

Shamita’s only thing doing is bitching about teja and karan 24×7 and than she says I’m not insecure and shit.

Teja gives it to your face as a Queen#TejRan #TejasswiPrakash@justvoot @VootSelect
teja? (@NR52334413) November 3, 2021

#TejasswiPrakash rocked it today.. She is showing her fierce side gradually. Shamita sophiscated kehte kehte sab kar jati hain, bohut smart samajhti h apne aap ko. Teju atleast fake nehi hain

Mon (@manami_sarkar) November 3, 2021

This show insecurities lol
Same statement she has said for Divya
Divya won bbott
Teja will won bigboss
Dheere dheere pura parivaar aajayegaa chamita ko ghar lekr chla jayegaa
Nice eviction#TejasswiPrakash even audience her thinking your are queen of bigboss gooo girrlllll tejuu

Green_.eyes_____ ? (@Thejia6) November 3, 2021

In the upcoming episode, Tejasswi will confront Shamita and demand an explanation from her for her behaviour. Shamita will say that she wants the captaincy for herself. “I have played my game my way! I have a problem with you being the captain of the house,” Shamita will say. To which, Tejasswi will retort, “This looks like insecurity!”
It remains to be seen if their fight will escalate from here onwards.