Bigg Boss 15: ‘Neha Bhasin has extremely strong feelings for Pratik Sehajpal but she is confused,’ feel viewers – read tweets


There’s no doubt that the equation between Neha Bhasin and Pratik Sehajpal has taken a toll with time. When Neha entered as the wildcard contestant, she told Pratik that she doesn’t want to be that space again like they were on Bigg Boss OTT. But when Neha had an emotional outburst in tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 15, viewers felt that Neha has extremely strong feelings for Pratik.
It all started when the housemates struggled to find a solution to distribute household duties after Pratik and Simba Nagpal entered the VIP zone. There was a constant disagreement between the housemates until Neha jumped into the conversation. Pratik told Neha to stay out of it, which Neha didn’t take it lightly.
Neha reminded Pratik that she had been telling him not to speak to her in a disrespectful manner in front of everyone. Pratik tried to explain his point but Neha was in no mood to listen to him. Neha put her foot down which started a heated argument between her and Pratik.
A visibly irritated Nishant Bhat expressed his frustration by slamming the dustbin and asked the two to shut up and continue with their argument somewhere else. Nishant’s actions triggered Neha to such an extent that she turned violent inside the house.
Neha yelled, screamed, shouted and cried as she expressed her outrage against Pratik and Nishant. Other housemates tries to diffuse the situation, but Neha didn’t budge. She slammed Pratik and Nishant for their misbehaviour and even told them that she won’t see their faces again ever.
The next day, Neha and Pratik tried to discuss explain it to each other that their actions and words have hurt them deeply. The two were clearly not on the same page and they continued to share cold vibes with each other.
While the ruckus turned Bigg Boss 15 house upside down, viewers felt that Neha’s reaction was an outcome of her strong feelings that she has towards Pratik, but she is confused. People felt that both Neha and Pratik should confess their feelings for each other and prove that whatever happened between them was all real.
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Pratik is selflessly taking all the blame & bullshit whereas it was both ways you wanted his attention and support too maybe for game or real idk,but then have some integrity towards him if it was real.#PratikFam #PratikSehajpaI #NehaBhasin #BiggBoss15 #BB15

shreya acharya (@shreyaa96161231) November 19, 2021

I personally think we really can’t judge the friendship & fights of #NehaBhasin – #PratikSehajpal coz he hardly know the full equation between them, we only have seen a partial side. Heck, evens #Pratik himself continues going back, says sorry & talks with her. #BiggBoss15

Nikki Tamboli Fans (@nikkitambolifns) November 19, 2021

#PratikSehajpal has soft heart so he wants to short the things out with #NehaBhasin else he is very much disappointed Bez of herAlso he is tolerating her Bez he thinks c has to face alot outside mainly Bez of their equation.#BBKingPratik

Aakansha (@BistAakansha) November 19, 2021

I think #NehaBhasin has feelings for #PratikSehajpal but a. She is confused b. Her Scorpio ego wouldn’t let her confess it c. She wants him to confess so she can reject him and prove to the world. #BB15 #BiggBoss15

Icarus (@Icarus44180556) November 19, 2021

#NehaBhasin ‘s all POV in convo with #PratikSehajpal in convo near pool were so practical and real ..

It clearly looks like she had extreme feelings for him and they kept going…and pratik back off nd did exact shame with Akasha …
She is seriously feeling like shit #BB15
. (@you_suck_i_know) November 19, 2021

The woman who abused the most in ott is crying for this. She came to support pratik on one wkv. she said pratik is alone nd she feels bad fr him. she was blaming nishant for not supporting pratik last week. what are u doing here now #NehaBhasin out of your mind..#NishantBhat

love_nishant (@lovemoonish) November 19, 2021

I think #NehaBhasin Humare #PratikSehajpal se love kerti hain, Feeling lag rhi hain baato se, Aap sabko kya lagta hain fans ?

Sachin Rahul Dev (@48Rahulk) November 19, 2021

Yes, I dont understand, What was she saying of repeating the pattern of feelings, Cant #PratikSehajpaI be friends with #NehaBhasin and #AKASA both?
Is there an issue if a person is affectionate to more than one female?
Proving the public right about crossing the line then!

SummerOf92 (@BBmoonish) November 19, 2021

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