Bigg Boss 15: Is Ranveer Singh eying Salman Khan’s Panvel farmhouse? Deets inside


Ranveer Singh was present on the premiere episode of Bigg Boss 15 to promote his upcoming show The Big Picture. Both the actors seemed to be in a good mood. While interacting with Salman, he asked him his wishes. Salman tells him that he wishes his parivaar is with him, remains healthy and that he should be able to work lifelong. Salman asks him the same question and Ranveer replies that wants to have a body like Salman and even a farmhouse like he has in Panvel.
Ranveer then plays the quiz show with Salman. After a question, Salman says he doesn’t remember the name of his girlfriend. Salman also says that Sanjay Dutt and he have got many lifelines in real life. He was hinting at their cases. Ranveer says that even though Salman is very rich, he leads a very simple life. That is a quality he likes about Salman.
Meanwhile, on the first day of the premiere, Afsana Khan asked Salman about his marriage plans. He answered, “Main yeh nahin kahunga ki thoda sa time hai, actually thoda sa time beet gaya. (I won’t say there is some time for my marriage but some time has passed.)” To this a shocked Afsana says how can he survive without marriage.
She then asked Salman if she can call her bhai and he said, “Zaroor boliye. Aise lagta hai main poore Hindustan ka bhai ban gaya hoon.” Was that Salman indicating that he is no longer interested in finding love or getting married?
Well, all we can say is that sometimes, Salman’s comments are as entertaining as some of his hit films. What say?