Bigg Boss 15: Fans slam makers for editing the footage of Simba Nagpal pushing Umar Riaz in the episode


Well, once again we saw an episode full of drama, fight and argument and that’s what audience expect from Bigg Boss 15. Though what grabbed fans attention today was the editing of the clip, where Simba Nagpal pushed Umar Riaz into the pool. They slammed the makers of the show for being biased towards Simba and questioned the credibility of the show. Here are some of the tweets…

#JusticeForUmarRiaz THANK GOD we had the LIVE TO WITNESS THIS INJUSTICE, otherwise THE EDITING which HAS BEEN SHOWN on the episode shows us NOTHING. COLORS TRIED 2 HIDE IT UNDER THE CARPET, BUT 2 LATE WE HAVE THE PROOF #UmarRiaz #UmarArmy #JusticeForUmarRiaz

FewofmyFavourites (@FewofmyFav) November 2, 2021

Arey #simba ?? Shi hai jb b nominations mein aao ya footage chahiye to bs lado #UmarRiaz se.. last time b & again…fir khega bhai k dum n all…#simba ap b usi ki wjh se dikh .. #BB15 #UmarRiaz #SimbaNagpal

Jahnvi Shukla (@JahnviShukla10) November 2, 2021

Lets make this video viral… And do some trend against Rangu…
The push we saw in the livefeed Vs what we saw in the main episode. See how much they edited. Slow claps ??
#UmarRiaz #JusticeForUmarRiaz #biggboss15 #biggboss #bb15

Troll Asim Riaz Hatters (@Troll_AR_Haters) November 2, 2021

Wtf they cut the part were simba pushed #UmarRiaz in the pool !!!

How can the makers go so low to protect him!!!!!
This is baisedness at its peak!
You can’t potray someone else mistake on others!!!!!
?GUJJU BOY (PATEL JIL) ? (@Pateljil6) November 2, 2021

You changed the camera angle but he was in pool and your clips are already viral
shame on you I would not say it’s actually expected #Simba is a criminal minded guy you can’t show him a good boy anyways

Palestine Will be free Inshaa Allah ?? (@SimplerAsim) November 2, 2021

Simba is a sour loser… Nominate ho gya toh kuch bhi kar rha… #UmarRiaz ko nominate kar rhe ki Simba ko public bacha legi in comparison to Umar lol#BiggBoss15 #BB15

TheLazyEngineer (@TheLazzzyy) November 2, 2021

This is what everyone needs to see. Clips from the incident. #UmarRiaz did not SWEAR!!!! It was an unwanted and irresponsible physical reaction. #UmarRiaz #BiggBoss15 #BB15 @BeingSalmanKhan @ColorsTV @VootSelect

ShuStar (@Shu7e) November 2, 2021

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