Bigg Boss 15: Fans laud Tejasswi Prakash for speaking up against Vishal Kotian’s dirty humour — read tweets


Bigg Boss 15 is being followed carefully on social media. Celebs like Tejasswi Prakash, Karan Kundrra, Jay Bhanushali and Umar Riaz have an existing strong fan base. Others like Pratik Sehajpal are shining on the show on the dent of their efforts. Today, Tejasswi Prakash told Karan Kundrra that she is damn annoyed with Vishal Kotian. She said that he has no other work than backbiting about others. She said that he had been taking food from the space of the junglewaasis knowing that they have a limited quota of food. She also said that he has been talking badly about her behind her back saying that she controls all the food.
Later, she told Jay Bhanushali that she finds his sense of humour very creepy. She said that he tries to get close to her but she does not like it. The actress said that she has tried to make him understand in a manner that is not offensive but it looks like he did not get the hint. Jay Bhanushali also said that some of the stuff that Vishal Kotian is too demeaning and he does not endorse it. Fans have appreciated Tejasswi Prakash for talking about it. Here are the tweets on social media…

Some people are calling #TejasswiPrakash fake cuz she spoke against #VishalKotian She isn’t fake. When Shamita came Vishal started making alliance with her. He was backbiting her. Teju heard it from different people that’s why she’s talking about Vishal now. #BiggBoss15 #BB15

MJ (@jahan_muntaha) October 22, 2021

#BB15 #BiggBoss15

Finally, #TejasswiPrakash has spoken up the matter bothering us regarding Vishal ?
And She is not clearly happy with his dirty humour and physical intimacy in the name of fun.. He needs to change?#TejaTroops #PratikSehajpaI #KaranKundrra #TejRan
Amarjit Sidharth Forever (@asaikhom1) October 22, 2021

#BB15 #BiggBoss15 #tejasswiprakash is not liking Vishal humour and touching .#TejaTroop

Abhinav Shukla fc (@Abhinav_Era) October 22, 2021

Colors shame on you.
You made audience watch that nonsense scene between #TejasswiPrakash & that #VishalKotian where teja was seen uncomfortable, but she was trying to act normal. But you didn’t telecasted tej throwing tea on him, when it went above her head.#BB15 #BiggBoss15

Safiii (@loyal_brood) October 22, 2021

You know what’s sad is that I’m already seeing people blame Teja for Vishal’s behaviour. Please keep your fangiri aside since this is a serious issue and it happens with all of us. This topic is bigger than a game show and don’t lose your morals over this show #tejasswiprakash

Tejran ? (@kundriikichampa) October 22, 2021

I’m actually grateful to the editing team that they showed this in the main episode.. Varna generally they don’t show this stuff bcoz they’ve to continue their “entertainment factor”?I hope after this even haters eyes will open!#TejasswiPrakash #TejaTroops #BiggBoss15 #BB15

Zara (@Zara_ishh) October 22, 2021

Tejasswi also said that Vishal is kind of boring with the kind of commentary he keeps on making in front of the cameras. Let us see if she says this to him on the face. The show is getting a bit interesting now that all are inside the main house.