Bigg Boss 15: ‘Dumb spoiled brat’ Tejasswi Prakash gets lectured for using condescending tone with Nishant Bhat – read tweets


Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash became quite upset with Nishant Bhat after the latter kicked them out of the VIP zone when Bigg Boss betowed him with a special power to upgrade and downgrade two housemates into VIP and non-VIP ones. Tejasswi was certainly hurt by Nishant’s actions and her disappointment clearly reflected in her communication with the latter.
As Tejasswi was seen discussing with Rajiv Adatia about what to prepare for lunch, Nishant came and started discussing the topic with Rajiv. Tejasswi felt left-out from their conversation and demanded Nishant to include her in the dicussion as well. She apparently used a condescending tone with Nishant, to which the latter gave it back in the same way.
Tejasswi was deeply hurt by Nishant’s words and accused him of throwing orders at her. She started crying and left the kitchen area. Nishant told her that there was no need to cry for such petty reasons. Even Pratik Sehajpal said that Nishant talked to her politely.
Later, Karan Kundrra was seen consoling Tejasswi and told her that these people don’t match to her level. He also spoke to Nishant about the same and asked him not to talk to Tejasswi in a disrespectful manner.
However, viewers had a different take on this situation. They started lecturing Tejasswi for her attitude. They said Nishant just gave her the taste of her own medicine, post which she started crying. Some even called her a dumb spoiled brat and a hypocrite since Tejasswi has said mean things to housemates in the past. They lauded Nishant for showing Tejasswi a mirror.
Take a look.

What a hypocrite Teja is..she talks to everyone in condescending n rude if she’s really some queen..n then started crying when #NishantBhatt replied her back in same tone ..dumb spoilt brat..she deserves harsher tone..

#BiggBoss15 #BB15 @BiggBoss
neo (@lost_af_soulz) November 18, 2021

Teja just got a small dose of her own medicine and Started Crying.
Humein toh laga tha that you’re strong par bina koi baat Ansu aa gaye.
Karma?#BiggBoss15 #BB15 #BBKingPratik #PratikSehajpal #NishantBhatt #NishantSquad #PratikFam #PratikIsTheBoss #TejasswiPrakash

Parth sharma (@Parthsharma9055) November 18, 2021

#StopViolenceOnPratik | @ColorsTV#PratikSehajpal or #NishantBhatt didn’t talk with teja in high tone, it’s Teja who were agressive in her frustrations of losing VIP membership. #BiggBoss15

Farah Khan (@fairy__fk) November 18, 2021

I like #TejasswiPrakash but today it was unnecessary to react in that #bossy #tone “nahi pehele mujhse baat karo” for lunch discussions! she doesn’t like #dominating behaviour but she herself does #NishantBhatt I love the way you play #winner #BiggBoss15 #ColorsTV #VootSelect

Alysha (@alyshamelanii) November 18, 2021

So karma is real & this is how it comes back to d person who deserves.
Few days back Tejaswi was ordering everyone for d house duty as VIP member nd today she got d taste of her own medicine when #NishantBhatt & #PratikSehajpal stopped her for interfiering in cooking discussion?

Saniya Gupta (@SaniyaG58110610) November 18, 2021

Aj maza aagya when #tejaswiprakash tasted her own medicine… thanks to #NishantBhatt for showing her what she was doing since last week.

Jaspreet Kour (@gurjas061810) November 18, 2021

When teja shuts arrogantly other it’s fine and when others use 1 % of her behaviour on her she starts crying#hypocrisy ki bhi Seema hoti h#BBKingPratik #NishantBhatt @BiggBoss @ColorsTV @VootSelect

AMUL SHARMA ?? (@AMULSHARMA9) November 18, 2021

#tejaswi tasted her own medicine today!!! #NishantBhatt welll done!!! Also I personally don’t like #tejran at all!! I wish #KaranKundra could’ve avoided getting into this!! #NishantInBB is the bossss for me now!!! #BB15 #BiggBoss15 #TejaswwiPrakash

Briti Aulakh (@BritiAulakh) November 18, 2021

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