Bigg Boss 15: Donal Bisht fans point out Karan Kundrra’s lowbrow comment, ‘Donal ko bol towel bandh ke nikle, Umar khush hojayega’


Bigg Boss 15 saw the elimination of Donal Bisht last night. It was one of the most shocking and saddening ousters ever in the history of Bigg Boss. The young lady did not find a single friend inside the house. Everyone voted for Donal Bisht though she had been giving her 100 per cent on the show. Yesterday, something else also happened. Donal Bisht had gone to take a shower in the main bathroom. Karan Kundrra told Nishant Bhat to tell Donal to get out that place. Nishant Bhat went and told her to avoid using that space. It seems she wanted to wash her hair. Karan Kundrra apparently made a comment about towel and Donal which really upset fans of the actress. He said that, “Donal ko bol towel bandh ke nikle, Umar khush hojayega.” This is how fans reacted to it on social media…

Kamar Kundra’s comments on Donal are always so creepy. “Bich shower mai rukwake chahe woh shampoo lagaya ho aur usko bol towel bandh karke idhaar jaye. Umar bhi khush hojayega”
If #PratikSehajpal would’ve been talking like this it would’ve been made a big issue#BiggBoss15 #BB15

Risha (@Some_Rantings2) October 20, 2021

karan to nishant : “donal ko bol towel bandh ke nikle, umar khush hojayega” this is his nth time disgusting trashy comment on donal. i can’t even stand this guy & people here are blindly defending him by saying “majak tha” eww y’all are so creep & problematic for it ?

(@thelocaltrainn) October 19, 2021

KK to nishant: Donal ko bol agar shampoo bhi laga rakha ho toh towel baandh kr bahar aa jaye umar ko bhi acha lagega.

Women who stan KK because his fandom is big you are the problem. It’s because of you that equality and female rights shall only be a dream. ?#BB15 #BiggBoss15
Hina FC (@HinaKhanStan) October 19, 2021

“Donal ko bol Towel bandh ke nikle, Umar khush hojayega”

BB’s scripted winner Kundra objectifying #DonalBisht for the 7th time ?
The way people fall for these pseudo gentlemen’s every BB season ??#BB15
. (@ItsRidzi) October 19, 2021

Once again kutra ji said cheap thing about a girl ?

kutra to nishant : Donal ko bol agar shampoo bhi laga rakha ho toh towel baandh kr bahar aa jaye umar ko bhi acha lage ga ?…..
i don’t understand how can people like chapri like this? ??.#BB15 #BiggBoss15
CHETAN SHARMA ?? (@chetan_sharma10) October 19, 2021

We can see that people are kind of upset with this comment. Donal Bisht and Karan Kundrra did have some flirty banter on the show but this statement sounded a little objectionable to many.